Turning into Gollum!

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“I must have the precious, I must! The precious must belongs to me!” – Banhammer, Paladin October 2014

What is the precious? well I’ll tell you, it’s a ring (naturally) that the Headless Horseman in Scarlet Monastery, to be precise this one, Band of the Petrified Pumpkin. Banhammer requires this, no! he NEEDS it! But can he get the bloody thing? The short answer (in more ways than one) is no! He has run the daily since the start of the event and has also been back in there around 40 other times. In all those visits I have seen the ring twice, yep twice. Both caster rings and the agility rings I have seen over and over again, getting sick of the sight of them to be honest, I just press greed and leave before the roll is completed. My Mage, Shaman, Monk and Hunter all have their rings, heck it’s the only thing that seems to drop, but not poor Banhammer (Or to that matter Saintangus!)


The object of Banhammers desires!

To vent his frustrations Banhammer has been beating up the poor denizens of the old Burning Crusade raids, The Sunwell, The Eye, Serpent Shrine Caverns, Magtheridon’s lair, Gruul’s Lair, Mount Hyjal and Black Temple have all suffered Banhammer’s mighty rage. To the point that he now has almost completed quite a few tier sets for Transmogging, so something good came out of all this!

Oh to have a Destiny, or a Halo!

I broke and finally bought Destiny for my PS3 (still saving for the PS4) and it’s just as I thought it would be, Halo-esque with a MMO style grind attached to it, a little melodramatic I know but it’s my blog! lol. I know it’s a controversial view to have but for me the Halo games are just “Meh!” I’ve played them all, well the first person shooter ones at least, they never thrilled me, the universe didn’t excite me and the game just lacked any emotion. I don’t mean sobbing characters and heart rending death scenes but the game mechanics was just so dry!

I’ll try to explain further, let’s start with jumping. Look I get it, Master Chief is wearing some super power armour, yet apart from the in game view rising and then lowering you don’t even feel like your pressed the jump button. Now let’s take a look at weapons, the only games that you could ADS (Aim Down Sights) is the Sniper rifle and the pistol (I’ll point out this is from memory alone, if there was others I don’t remember them). MC (as I shall now call him) seems not to require putting a gun to his shoulder and aiming, despite nearly every human weapon having a butt stock?.

Now on to my favourite gripe with the Halo series, Halo ODST! That game was like stepping back in time to a place where we had lost the last few years of graphical improvement in the Halo series, now Halo 3 was a graphically great looking game, I won’t deny it, Bungie certainly put some effort into (most) of the environments in that game, ODST, which released around 2 years after Halo 3, looked and played like a game that was started, stopped, forgotten about, dusted off, finished and sold to Halo fans as it was cheaper than throwing it away and starting again!

The plot was thin, the graphics inexplicably poor when you compare it to the (almost) 2 year old Halo 3, The bad guys (heck I couldn’t even be bothered to look up their names), the Covenant (I looked at the Wiki in the end) have attacked a city, yet the city bares very little evidence of such a vicious attack? just a few wrecked vehicles, the streets are very clean with a distinct lack of rubble and bodies, such neat a tidy invading aliens aren’t they!

Anyway I digress, I put the disc for Destiny in the PS3 and begin the install process, which seems to actually be that I have to download the game from the internet, kinda makes you wonder what is actually on the disc doesn’t it? I picked the Titan class and started of on my journey around. . . .erm, Earth and the Solar system. I have been reasonably pleased with the game so far, despite the lack of any explanation as to what is going on in the game after the initial plot lay out, lot’s of people “could” tell me but they won’t! huh?

You character seems to react to jumps and lands with a thump if you go to high, plenty of aiming down sights, although there seems to be a lack of weapons and all seem to be a slightly better version of what you already have which is a shame. Environments beat Halo hands down, just so much better (as to be expected) but the core game it’s self is just about killing mobs, go to this location, kill mobs, scan location, go to next location to kill mobs, there seems to be nothing beyond that. . . . so far. I’ve even found myself just grinding on packs of mobs across a location to level up and not actually doing the missions or the “story” mode.

Talking of Story mode, it’s so unremarkable, I guessing someone could tell me, but they won’t! lol I’ve got as far as Venus and I just don’t remember anything about the story or even why I am there! I go from diamond mission indicator to diamond. .  .you get the idea just shooting mobs, preferably in the head for the quick kill! For me Destiny is an improvement on Halo but it’s certainly the metaphorical apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree. I am planning on completing the story mode at least, that is if I can stop going to Scarlet Monastery or playing GTA Online, I do love  race! Just don’t think I’ll be playing Destiny long enough to see where future DLC will take the game, but my guess it the story is done until Destiny 2, time will tell!

(Oh over 1000 words, spelling and typos are Copyright Banhammer and will be fixed as and when I see them)


Let’s Race!

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I’ve jumped back into GTA V Online for the last few days, now a heady 131, each and every RP earned, not a single one glitched or cheated, honest as the day is long, odd for a game about crime and illegal street racing lol.

Mainly I will participate in races, I have about a 40% win rate, not good but the primary goal is to finish and get the RP’s and GTA$, throw in a few survivals and a mission or two and I am set for the evening,

After completing this game to 100% and getting my one and only platinum PS3 trophy from GTA, I am actually looking forward to this on the PS4 when it finally hits the shelves, I am even planning on repeating that process when I get my grubby hands on it :)

GTA Online needs a few improvements tho make it really great, ranging from game mechanics to cosmetics. Firstly I think you should be allowed to add race decals, numbers, logos etc to car doors, maybe even have a “Racing Skin”. If you go to the effort of customising a car, paint job, bumpers, lights, exhaust etc then that should be represented in races where you have to race a “stock” car and you happen to own one of them.

Me and my "Team Lotus" coloured Zentoro!

Me and my “Team Lotus” coloured Zentoro!

Also the ability for us to play our own music off our HDD’s would be great, most of the time I actually turn off the radio in the menus/options as soon as I can, some of the songs they have included are pretty good, the rest are just ok, Banging down the road with Slipknot blaring from my in car radio would be just awesome!

The post race “Job select” screen needs a revamp, if I am there to race, it should contain races, not give me 6 out of 6 options that are Team Death Match!, sure put the option down the side to change the game mode if people want to vote for a mode change but give me races!!! I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve joined a group of random people in game and we just stick to race after race after race, then all of a sudden the game starts putting more and more alternative game modes in (and a few poor race choices) and the impromptu group just breaks up.

One final thing that is a must Rockstar if you ever read this add the ability to MUTE players like you can in COD! The amount of idiots that let us hear them argue with family, or chat about school work or going to the pub or, and the most annoying thing, sing or play music at us over their mics! stop it, just stop it please!

In other news. . .

Been about two weeks till I resubbed to WoW, not really getting that WoW factor out of it, not that I am disliking the game, hoping that will all change when WoD is released in November. The new models in Patch 6.0.2 are pretty decent and a welcome change to the game (although to be honest about 2 years to late!) the quest line for fighting the Iron Horde at the dark portal was pretty good fun, if somewhat crowded on the first day.

Banhammer in his new all sparkly pixelness!


My barely adequate psychic defenses are crumbling!

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If anyone got that reference in the title, you’ve earned 10 internet points. :)

Two games at the moment are playing on my mind, the first one Destiny, you may have heard of it, is Bungie’s offering to the gaming world since Micro$oft to their business partnership to the big barn on the farm and shot it in the head! In all honesty I had no issue with this, as I have no love for Bungie.

I thought the whole extent of the Halo series of games was at best playable but ultimately, a wet, flat, emotionless game. Story wise it was great, I think I would have enjoyed Halo more if I just read it as a Sci-Fi novel. The only weapons (that I remember) that offered ADS (Aim Down Sights) was the Sniper Rifle (naturally) and a Pistol! Say Whaaaaaat!!

The ADS issue combine with the gravity deifying leaps, yes yes he was wearing a powered armoured suit does not mean he had thrusters to defy gravity as well! Being shot at and hit was hardly noticeable with the shield, even with it depleted I barely noticed being shot and hit. When compared to Call of Duty there is a physical reaction on screen to being hit.

Then we get to Halo ODST, that was like taking the game back to the stone age, Considering the bad guys was in the process of destroying the cities and the population there seemed very little in the way of battle damage and bodies, I think I got about 4 missions in and quit.

So when Destiny was announced I was just not interested and when it hit the shelves the loot issues and grindy aspect of the game kinda justified my opinion of Bungie (which is to say they make “ok” games) and I have not bought the game. However my son does own a copy, but he actually likes Halo, so we got him a copy for his PS4 (I am still using my PS3).

I played Destiny for a while, only got to level 3 so far, it still feels like a Bungie game, but it has more “feeling” to it, you still play a “Master Chief” like character, the loot issues and other issues players have been effected by just underscores Bungie’s lack of planning, I mean if your going to make a Space MMO (that is not quite and MMO but is an MMO, sorta?) then getting someone who knows MMO and the things you need to put in place for the game to work would have been a bonus!

Despite all that, I’ve been kinda feeling the urge to buy the game, today I almost did, it’s £50 on PS Store and £50 in Game on the High Street, for me this is too high of a price tag for a Bungie game, especially one where the studio seems to have shut up shop, (I hope to work on the issue) and do not seem to be speaking much about player concerns, Hmm, if only there was a way for Bungie to interact with it’s player base and assure them that they are aware if the issue and are looking into it?

If you read all that, have another 10 points and now read about game two.

I’ve also been fighting the urge to re-subscribe to World of Warcraft, I float between two reasons for why I should re-sub and why I shouldn’t (right now at least). Part of me does want to play again, I miss my Paladins, Banhammer (Deanei) and Saintangus (Tauren), heck I even miss my Shaman, Lowping (another Dreanei). But the thought of becoming WoW’d out by the time Warlords of Dreanor release date is what stops me. I would get home from work every day, login, do dailies, do Heroics, pottle around the world mining, etc then notice it’s all I am doing as their is no new content, just yet, and that I have no real life friends playing who I can go down the pub with and talk WoW with (as we all used to do).

I miss Azeroth, I miss my IRL friends being their, I struggle to make friends in WoW, not because I am an unsociable person but I think it’s because there is very little chance I will meet them in real life or if I was to meet them in real life it would involve a lot of travel and I like my home comforts and when I am not comfortable I get twitchy and want to leave! No really I do, I am not a great traveler if I know I can’t get home easy! lol sad I know.

Oh and the reference in the title was. . . . 

. . .was from a TV show from my childhood called “The Young Ones” in one episode a hippy says the line in the title, I felt it fit the theme of the blog post.

Money can’t buy you happiness!

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It is said that money cannot buy you happiness, look it’s even there in the title of this blog, but I think I have evidence to prove that sentiment wrong. You see recently I had £75 set aside to test this theory, all scientific like. But first some background information which is required to fill out space in this blog.

In 1989 being a young 17 year old, a year into my first job, pretty much dedicated to gaming on my Atari ST home computer, ahh I played Elite Frontier on that computer for so long I am surprised my TV screen didn’t have the game burnt into the screen, *Wiping away a tear of nostalgia* Where was I? Oh yeah I remember, at this time I was also getting into Games Workshop and a table top game called Space Hulk had just been released. I bought a set and at that point I was hooked.


Since that time I have bought the expansions, the computer games, the second edition and even the Full Control APs’s Space Hulk game I bought through Steam, the only thing I didn’t buy was when GW did a limited release of the third edition box set back in 2009, you see at that point the world had seen fit to make me unemployed and while I was looking for a job, I didn’t have the money to buy the version, with all it’s new shiny models, new board sections and game tokens, I was at that time what the internet would call “A sad Panda!” However as of the 20th September 2014 GW re-released Space Hulk and this time I am in full time employment and have the cash!

The Experiment in to happiness!

So clutching my £75 in hand and with a sad look on my face, remembering the bad old days of 2009 I arrived at my local GW shop. . .sorry Hobby Center.

“One copy of Space Hulk please.”
“That’ll be £75 please.”
“Here you go.”
“Here you go one copy of Space Hulk in a bag, Enjoy”
“I will!”

Even before I left the shop. . .dammit, Hobby center I could feel the smile creeping upon my face, by the time I had got home (about a 25 minute bus journey, I was practically skipping. Was I happy? you better believe I was happy, finally it was mine Space Hulk 3rd edition (maybe 4th edition?) was mine.

In conclusion. 

In answer to the age old question can money make you happy? Yes, yes it bloody can, scientifically proven right here, right now!

In other news. . .

I finally got around to playing Dishonoured on the PS3, I bought it ages ago but was either to busy play Battlefield 3 or something, I don’t really remember, but it’s actually quite a good game, graphics are nice and clean, environments well laid and thought out, I would heartily recommend picking up a copy if you have not already! #latetotheparty

I am also thinking of getting back into World of Warcraft, but not sure if I want to do so before Warlords of Dreanor? Serious consideration to be had there!

2013 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 760 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 13 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Timeless Isles. Timeless fools.

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The Timeless Isle is not exactly new, I know, but I only visited it a few times before I un-subscribed from World of Warcraft. When I re-subbed one of the things I wanted to do, actually bother the complete the quest chain and so see where it lead.

Well it wasn’t that exciting, pretty much your common garden variety “go here, kill stuff come back” quests with the added bonus that a lot of the creatures and little treasure chests you find can drop tokens that convert into iLevel 596 goodies. Needless to say it’s is not long before you character has a lot of these items covering all armour classes that you can spread around your account, gearing up level 90 alts with out much effort. My characters get to look snazzy and I don’t have to spend hours in LRF/Flex/Normal raids hoping that there is an off chance I get a item of loot week in week out, those days I don’t miss.

Now I get to the reason for this little blog post, while I was in a group of players I met for the purpose of grinding Timeless Coins and Rep a pair of players was trying hard to trick people into flagging themselves “PvP” so they could attack others. Now I have met idiots like these before, back in the days when I clicked on mobs more often than I should (not even sure why I would even have done that now *shrug*). by moving back and forth over the mob you are attacking their hope is for you to accidentally select and attack them, flagging you pvp and they can then attack and kill your character. They get to feel big and clever, you get to waste game time on a pointless corpse run and maybe camped while they wait for you to respawn.

So there I am attacking  mob, hack, chop, slash, dodge huge frontal attack, repeat and these two idiots are running back and forth over the mob I am fighting in the vein hope I will click them and be flagged pvp. But as I know their trick already I am being extra careful to not click on screen, using my mouse and buttons to move and fingers on the keys to fire off my attacks. I even kitted my mob a few yards over but they followed me. What stuck me as odd was that they was speaking in English in /s which I thought was odd for Horde, they must have figured out the way the game converts Horde languages to English. That is when I noticed they was Alliance and somehow flagged openly pvp so that they could even attack fellow Alliance!

Once the mob was dead I moved to a safe spot and whispered one of them directly and asked “Was you really trying to get me to be flagged pvp so you could kill me?” I got a reply right away saying “Yes but you was too pussy!” I’m guessing this was meant to goad me into offering them a fight or something but I simply replied “lol You are so Burning Crusade!” never did get a reply back even after I sent the person whisper along the lines of “Nothing to say?”

What I felt was truly sad was that a couple of the people I was with said “Just let them kill you, they will only do it the once!” I just thought why the casual acceptance of this mild bullying in the game, because someone wants to get their jollies by pvping you? So I told my group that there is no way they are getting me flagged pvp and that they can fuck right off! There is a reason I play on a pve realm and that is I don’t want to be looking over my shoulder all the time waiting for some joker to attack me every 10 minutes.

So this round I will consider it a win in my favour.

World of Warcraft: A return.

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Well I went back to Azeroth, after about 3 months off, not that I was craving the old world or the grinding and multiple Alts spread over multiple servers but I met someone at work who also plays World of Warcraft. That makes “IRL” people I know who play World of Warcraft up to a heady 1! Yep a whole one person. So I plumped (hmm not a real word? go figure!) up the cash for 1 months worth of subscription fee to see if I could still get on in Azeroth.

First thing I did was do some daily quests, no surprise there, then I headed off to http://www.askmrrobot.com to make sure Saintangus, my Tauren Paladin was enchanted, gemmed and reforged proper, cost me about 500g right of the bat, but at least that was done. Well 30 minutes later on the Timeless Isle I had managed to get myself some 496 iLevel bits which required more expenditure to get it all reforged and correct.

So there I was mooching around the world when my mate invites me to the “Flex Raid” version of The Siege of Orgrimmar, I accept the invite and transported to the instance and I was dead with in about 2 minutes! No ideal what was going on, no addons, no raid warnings, just good old Decursive running, even it is an out of date version. I like that addon :D

It seemed I just the raid late in the day and Saintangus found himself in the final boss fight against Garrosh Helscream, it took three tries to get him down, fight go was some mysterious (well to me at least) wipe involving a giant metal spike ball? The second time we was close them something went squiffy not sure what, just not my fault which was good. Third go I died rather suddenly and had to spend the whole fight dead, not a bad thing it turns out as my friend guild defeated Garrosh and I go a nice new pair of trousers to celebrate with :) Oh wait reforging again. . . . in the end I spent a hefty 2000+ gold on reforging, gems, enchants and inscriptions. in the space of a few hours, lucky for me Saintangus was sitting on 23,000 gold (yep that is a lot of dailies I used to do!

Next up Timeless Isle adventures.

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