I’ve got soul(forge) but I’m not a Soldier!

After much gold spent, much traveling not only up and down the continents but also across the oceans of Azeroth I finally have 3 more pieces of the Paladin Soulforge armour set (Legs, boots and shoulders) with just the Head and chest to go now.

It would seem I have to once again head into Black Rock and speak to another ghost I am sure any decent Blacksmith could have built this armour set with out the need for ghosts and travel. Smile with tongue out

Being playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 online, quite good funne if I am honest but I am not sure it’ll have the same pull after Call of Duty: Black Ops is released this Tuesday but we shall see. Just looking over my stats here not doing to bad, just unlocked a Shotgun. My only real complaint is that once again the maps seems to favour snipers a lot which you can work around quite well (still a pain in the arse) but blazing away nipple close to an enemy and 30 rounds do not kill them!


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