Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms!

Well a reasonable productive evening got Banhammer not only half way to completing the quest to get the final two parts of his Soulforge armour set but also got him the Achievement of Well Read and Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms, this also gets me within 101 quests of the 3000 Quests completed and the title “The Seeker”. Shouldn’t be to hard to get now as I am 280/700 for Loremaster of Kalimdor and questing in Kalimdor will see me get that done easy, just have to put the effort in now. Oh man I knew there was a flaw in the plan somewhere”!

Call of Duty Black Ops is out tonight at 12.01am but I’ll be asleep, I am getting to old to go out a que late at night for these things anymore. I’ll wait a little for the price to drop and then try and get it cheaper that way. Failing that I’ll get Medal of Honour and the release of CoD Black Ops should drive the price for new/second hand down a little!


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