Kaboom! Headshot. 60 points!

Highping123 Xbox 360 Gamertag.

Been playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the Xbox 360, since scratching my Modern Warfare 2 disc! Confused smile you can click on my Gamertag (above) for my current Battlefield Bad Company 2 stats.

When I Started playing BF: BC 2 online it felt that once again it was a 1st person shooter that favoured snipers but I am glad to say it isn’t. While they still have a certain power they can be circumvented, then ventilated by the use of cover and buildings.

Typical for me I am favouring the Assault class kits currently using the AEK-971 Vintovka 24% accuracy (77/4708 kills/shots) I have unlocked the F2000 and the XM8 rifle. I’ll try and play a few maps using the Medic, Engineer and Scout kits.

As for Modern Warfare 2 I’ll either have to try and polish the disc out and hope it works or buy a new copy (£18 (second hand) from Game) or just save the cash for buy an Xbox version of CoD7.


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