Being a Tier 1 Operator. . . .

Just finished the new Medal of Honor. Ok it is a short game but what a game. Graphics are excellent, maps are massive and well laid out. Weapons models are accurate, explosions rock the screen and throw debries up (then down) in the air. Moving from cover to cover feels special when you click the slide button. You even get a fire rate select mode on your M4 this is something I’ve not seen for many years!

In campaign mode there are some frustrations, like the Taliban seems to be remarkably bullet proof as sometimes even 3 chest shots do not put them down. Sometimes you are asked to do something but it has to be done in a particular position other wise it will not trigger which can be annoying as sometimes you have picked a slightly different route and have to move to the required position.

Multiplayer can be frustrating. Like all online shooters Sniper rifles seem to be king here too. Even on the very crowded urban maps a good sniper can pick you off with out much effort. On one map there is even a spot players sit at and then spawn camp you from a great distance oh well maybe they will fix it.

Overall the multiplayer maps feel big but are compact enough for some running and shooting or maybe some sneaking around. Online is fun but like most FPS’s frustrating against very good players (especially snipers).

Personally I recommend buying it (got mine from Games Exchange with code to exclusive content/Battlefield 3 access!) for £32. Overall 8/10 from me.


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