7.62mm Bullets are nto what they used to be?

I’ve been playing Call of Duty Black Ops on line and I must say it is quite fun, apart from the seemingly endless supply of remote controlled mini bomb cars! It would seem however that once again big bullets in my case 7.62mm are still not powerful enough to kill but 9mm from a long distance are LETHAL! :s I have almost lost count of the people I’ve lit up with the HK21 only to find even after 2-3 hits are still not dead!

Odd death of the week has to go to the time on the map Hanoi I was laying a claymore out and someone ran past me and out of the room. This is normally fine but I then died from the claymore explosion I had just laid down. He wasn’t even in the room when it exploded!

Still I have bought the Enfield now I may switch to that but I do so love doing the weapon challenges! choices choices!


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