Guns, Guns, Guns….

I now have Medal of Honour, Call of Duty Black Ops and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 all with a great (although not perfect) multi-player to play. Which one to play next?. Well considering the whole world (it seems) is  playing Call of Duty it is tempting to play that but Medal of Honour is bigger, looks better but the community is much smaller. The under dog here is undoubtedly Battlefield Bad Company 2, ok compared to its newer brother (Medal of Honour)  it is looking a little dated but if you take into consideration what is just around the corner for the game it may rival even that!.

So what is it that could rival the quality of Medal I hear you ask? well it’s quite simply this Battlefield: Bad company 2 Vietnam! For me it’ll be like playing Battlefield Vietnam in the “old” days. Hopefully they will keep the destructible environments and now switch over to how Medal of Honours handles things, which is to say very little is destroyable.


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