They call me The Seeker,

I’ve been searching low and high
I won’t get to get what I’m after
Till the day I die.

Yes I finally did it, I managed to get Banhammer to the 3000 quest point and got my title of “The Seeker!” Now all I have to do is get the last 410(ish) quests left that I need to get Loremaster of Kalimdor! That one is going to be more of an uphill struggle I find (and nearly always have) found the Alliance questing in Kalimdor such a drag, if I am honest it wasn’t much better doing it Horde side. Hopefully new and improved Kalimdor (?) after the shattering will be a better place to quest.

On a more vain note I bought Banhammer his level 60 PvP set, I know look like C3P0 with wings, Hooves and a tail.

In other gaming news I keep dropping in and out of playing Medal of Honor online still quite good fun even if there is a dedicated core of players that know ALL the best vantage and sniping spots to constantly hid in. Also I’ve figured out how to get the Theatre mode to upload videos to Youtube.  Check out my first two offerings here and here the first one is just a neat little kill with the grenade launcher the other one is two (four) great kills with the Grim Reaper rocket launcher you can get as a crate/kill steak reward!.

I would be playing more Call of Duty on Xbox but the game still suffers from taking to long to find games before it fails. Not sure if this is a local issue or a server side issue (others in the forums say they are having the same issue) but switching game mode seems to solve the issue quite often.



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