World of Minecraft

It’s not often I’ll buy a small independent game not that I prefer professional, commercial or expensive shop bought games but I can’t bring myself to trust e-commerce that isn’t a big brand name shop. (Play, Amazon etc..) But today I did, after a few weeks of nagging and a near endless playing and re-laying of Minecraft videos on Youtube, I crumbled and bought Minecraft Alpha.

It’s a very simple game, graphics are basic the landscape is all based on blocks. Construction is based on simple 2×2 or 3×3 grid where you place the materials in the rough shape of the item you wish to make. You can craft things out of wood, stone, metal and gems. Crafting items like axes, picks, hoes and shovels make farming materials faster (right tool for the right job helps too). You can make weapons and armour even buckets, mine carts signs and pressure pads.

Check out the Minepedia at

Uploaded a new clip to Youtube of a triple kill I got in Call of Duty: Black Ops check it out here! I moved the Xbox 360 so I could play CoD and MoH on the “big” telly, have not set it back up yet hence the lack of bitching about lag/death/cheats/general CoD rage Open-mouthed smile

Till next time.



2 Responses to “World of Minecraft”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Good thing you bought Minecraft now, dude. It’s going full price fairly soon, probably before Christmas. The game is awesome and still worth the full retail price, but why not get it half off when ya can, ammirite? 😀 Also, you now have probably the best relaxation game to chill on after raging on CoD. Double bonus!

  2. Aye that is why I bought it, cracking little game for less that £9 😀
    Having said that I the green exploding mobs seem to be able to sneak up on me and explode. . . respawn time lol.

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