…and lo the earth was sundered!

First of sorry for the delay in posting a new blog, but there is a very good reason for this the Sundering of Azeroth has happened the Cataclysmic “re-birth” of the Black Dragon flight and it’s leader Deathwing.

Since last Wednesday I have been trying out the new race/Class combinations as well as the starting zones. First off I rolled a Dwarf Shaman and then headed into the fridged air of Coldridge (and now more or less Gnomeless too). Coldridge has not changed that much but there are noticeable differences, the quests have been revamped with many new ones, some are the same old quests but with subtle changes.

As for Dwarf Shaman I must admit this race/class combination feel right I think it is quite the natural progressions for Dwarves to have taken to becoming Shaman. The downside to this and this may be the same for all Shaman now (will test this out with the Dreanei later) that there is no quest chains for getting your totems. A shame really, makes the class feel a little less “shamany”.

The next race/class combo I started on is Undead Hunter. Now I loved the original undead starting zone everything felt a little twisted while still feeling like the undead are still trying to be “Human” still. The Undead starting zone, like Coldridge has been tweaked  and now  includes the new style Undead Architecture seen at Vengence Landing in Northrend.

The new Undead quests are fun and the devs have injected a real sense of fun into the proceedings. The gear you get is revamped although still no “complete sets” for you armour class as you level. Oh well can’t have everything can you. In one odd moment the quest rewards for one quest offered my hunter a cloth or a Cape as a reward. the very next quest I took offered me a Cloth (different armour location) or a cape!. Hmm two capes or cloth!.

All in all so far this expansion pack (in terms of the changes made to Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor) have been epic, let me rephrase that they have been EPIC. This will be the life saver for this game, the new areas that will open up when Cataclysm is launched on the 7th December will  equally amazing if not better if the work they have done revamping these areas are anything to go by.


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