Your NAT type is set to Strict! HUH!

Had a fellow gamer over today, so we decided to take it in turns to play on Blacks Ops on the Xbox 360,  only to get a “Found 50 Games” connection issue! A quick bit or searching through the intertubez tells me to check my networks setting via the Dashboard and run a  network test which informs me (with I felt with a little to much glee) that my NAT type is set to “Strict”. Well I know I didn’t set it so who did?.  Well it turns out doing something as simple as resetting the router fixes this. I hope this will not become a regular thing for Xbox 360 gaming!

Managed to get the the old lady to roll a Dwarf Shaman with me. So we now have Slopii (me) and Stuntii (the old lady) destroying the bad guys in a Shamantastic way in Dun Morogh. We’ve just hit level 10 and it won’t be long before we leave Dun Morogh behind and head off to the now almost Waterless Loch Modan. So far while fun the Undead quest line is so far more epic if I am honest.

Been playing a little more of Minecraft today. It shames me to say I have had to reduce the skill level down one notch form normal. I was getting killed far to often in Normal mode. There is something quite therapeutic about tapping away in a mine, digging deeper and deeper, finding coal, iron and it would seem skeletons.


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