Doing the “Right” thing!

I am going strong with my Undead hunter “Phoolish” just started on the quest chains in Hillsbrad. There is a great opening quest where you have to be a Quest giver, you even get a little ! above you head. Once you get past these quests you get toa place that once was Hillsbrad Farm. This is the place of the most imba quest to date!. It turns out one of the former citizens of Hills, who is now undead and quite frankly mad has buried some human Hillsbrad Farm citizens up to their necks. You task it to dig them up OR bash them on the heads. So it is up to you to “Do the Right thing!” This quest is sooo dark and sooo funny.

On the CoD: Black Ops front I once again had the “NAT set to strict” bullshit and had to reset my router. If I have to reset my router every other day just to play Mercenary DM I may not bother with Black Ops for the near future!. Got a few more good kills recently, especially proud of the little grenade roll here also it has a nice triple kill with the M203 Smile

Not sure it it is some sort of perk, lag or just bad bullet tracking by the game but I am noticing an increase in hits but not killing my targets. Only to day on “Array” map I was hitting the guy I was aiming at being given the “X” over my target cross hairs but then shiot and killed in return. Also another tactic that is rearing its ugly head it the going prone when shooting with (it seems) no marked difference in aiming quality and the classic jumping when you see someone to make it harder to be shot, a fair tactic you can argue? then I say go play Halo or Quake Arena. The game is meant to have some measure of “reality” about it. These are old tactics that had destroyed many of the old FPS,s (Battlefield 2 as an example) Treyarch should act now before it becomes epidemic!


3 Responses to “Doing the “Right” thing!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I had to admit I skipped down to avoid spoilers once I saw “this one hillsbrad farmer who…” I’m lvl 19 and just got the three quests to do from the dudes we just raised for Sylvanas. I already know how that ends, but have not seen it in person. I have not tried any other race’s noob zones, but as far as forsaken go, I’m a bit ticked that noobs are interacting with leaders on such a personal level before they are even 20. I mean, damn. You hit 60 in classic and you might have gotten to talk to them for a quest like four times, tops. It had more a honor and prestige feeling, where as now it’s like they are your best friend. Just feels wrong to me. If I am so cool and power at 15, why is crap still hitting the fan at 30? Why do level 85 elites with 300,000+ health fail, while I can just walk in, kill the named mob, leave and ding a moment later?

    Another Forsaken example would be Darrel getting promoted to a Deathguard (or whatever) before level 5. Really?! How many things have we done on our 80s for little to no recognition other than minor greeting texts from very specific NPCs? I know a lot of people are saying WoW is getting too easy, but at this rate no wonder stuff is falling apart for both factions. Incompotent, unskilled, and inexperienced people are being promoted to do things they should never even think of doing, yet we the player are stuck fixing all of the problems. And it isn’t even the comedic angle, this is like ‘serious’ storyline with people dying for good left and right.

  2. I guess you have to bare in mind that we are not really meant to be low level peons, born to be mindless drudges to serve our master. We are playing Heroes, soon to be the stuff of legends. In us the leader of our faction sees great potential thus we are sent to see them and be recognised!

    As for when we get to 80, well we are tasked to go into the deepest darkest dungeons and destroy the greatest threat the enemy (of the hour) can throw at us. The reward for this it that we are allowed access to the best armour and weapons (sorta). Wouldn’t it cheapen the faction bosses even further if we had to go get dailies from them too ? 🙂

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      I can see that to a degree, but that was not what WoW was ever about. Singularly we are nothing. It took forty of us ‘peons’ to down massive, epic bosses who dropped loot of the same name. (Yes they dropped it down to 25 and 10, but that doesn’t mean we are stronger, we are just impatient and want to get groups going faster lol)

      WoW was born from Warcraft 3. To use WC3 terms, Arthas, Jaina, Thrall etc. were all badass heroes. They were super strong and able to take on a lot, because they were Heroes. They needed help from grunts and peons, but those grunts were not so necessary to require specific names. In WoW, we ARE those nameless grunts. We ARE the gohpers checking out mines, looting barrels, and killing ten rats because the actual important people are busy saving lives and their lands. Heck it still takes a full group to down Jaina, Arthas, etc. meaning they are still as strong as they were (at least in ratio) to WC3, while we in full epic gear still need to swarm them like the Wisps -vs- Archimonde.

      Making the player suddenly integral to the story and best buds with their leader still doesn’t fit for me. Cool, at first. But in the long run doesn’t make sense. Aion did it, Age of Connan did it, and I’m sure other games did it. On paper it is cool, but you also have to give time to let the player know what they are doing IS cool. So what if Sylvanas is cool as hell if you met her from day one? You wouldn’t even understand how important you are to the story if you pal around with the strongest people instantly. Also, in reality, a lot of WoW players are younger and/or arrogant. Making them rub elbows with the bosses that soon will only add fuel to their snobbish and painfully ignorant ways.

      As a fan from the early days, I like the change to a degree. But I can also see this biting Blizzard in the end. (Pun intended.)

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