Mine(craft) boat exploded!

As the connection to the PSN is quite crap recently, not to mention the many, many bugs the game is suffering from even on the Xbox 360 things are not good, so I decided I could either play Modern Warfare 2 online, maybe even Medal of Honor oh oh oh Battlefield Bad Company 2 (treat myself to the Vietnam addon that is due out nowish! In the in I decided enough guns (shocked I know) and I shall once again venture into the depth of Minecraft.

This time I decided that I must have a plan, the land that spawned seems to be pretty flat so I found the nearest high point (chopping down trees as I looked) dug into the highside to make my camp. The next day light cycle I started work in earnest, Coal was found, a very small amount of Iron too. A good start, as my mine began to get deeper a little idea crept into my head, can I make boats?, a quick check at Minepedia the Minecraft wiki tells me I can. Sweet, lets get my new (off plan) idea into action. I created a water way, 2 blocks wide and 1 deep, made the boat, filled it with water and off I went. All of about 3 blocks then I slowly sailed back to the starting point. Doh! something was wrong with the flow direction of the water. So out came the bucket soon I had something going in the right direction.

So I made another boat, dropped it in the water got about 6 blocks “down” stream and boom the boat dies and turned in to sticks and planks. Hmm something to learn here. I’ll have to go look on the internwebz to see fi I can find out how to get water “working” right.

On the Warcraft front the release of Cataclysm is approaching, still have not ordered my copy (or the Mrs’s for that matter) I think I’ll wait for the rush or I’ll rush out and buy it soon.  Smile Well I’ve enjoyed the Undead questing zone enough to have rolled another Undead this time a Warrior just to do it all over again. I will say this Compared to Hunters low level Warriors are no where near as strong as Hunters are at the early levels.

Not sure what class to pick next. Myself and the Mrs are currently leveling Dwarf Shaman at the same time which is fun. I do have a level 5 Tauren Paladin called Saintangus which  I guess I could level. We’ll just have to see what happens Smile



10 Responses to “Mine(craft) boat exploded!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Boats are very weak, and as you saw shatter at a moment’s notice. Piloting one, if you run aground too often or ‘too hard’ it’ll break the same way. Now you know 😛 (Minecarts poof away in a single punch too, but nothing really kills them other than said punch. Well, TNT destroying the track it was on does…)

    And Forsaken was the leveling zone that got me all bothered. Did you play through Silverpine and head off to Hillsbrad? I liked Deathknell/Brill but Silverpine is what bothered me. I do need to make a new toon to see if all the other races have the same issues that bother me about how they display the Forsaken, then at least they’d all be on equal footing.

    I too have a Tauren pally waiting to be played (Probably the only way I’ll play a Tauren, just really dislike their running animations as they sorta hop around like a partially deflated blimp at the Thanksgiving Day parade.) that I named Handofangus, both because he’s a pally (Silver Hand, Hand of Salvation, etc.)…and for the ironic reason you also went with an Angus spin 😀

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Doh! It’s not Handofangus it’s Orderofangus! I forgot >.< Was going for the pun on an order of steak and order of paladins. My bad.

      • LOL should have kept Handofangus and made the guild Order of Angus 🙂

        Silverpine is nothing but a big “plot” run through to be honest but I think it does a good job. Like you said being treated like you are the “right hand” of Sylvannas is a little bold and maybe a mistake, there are plenty of supporting characters that could have guided you through. Hillsbrad is a funny romp half way through with the hunter.

        As for the Taurens, I loved the Tauren look since day one, indeed the animation has always been the weakest of the races until the Bloodelves lol.

        I’ve always loved levelling toons compared to raiding and patch 4 is a dream for me.

      • Encrazed Crafts Says:

        Totally agree with the leveling up = best part of WoW. Raiding is only good with a decent group, even more so for PvP (though both are quite hard depending on group make up), and while I like both leveling is still my main attraction. Don’t know why so many people completely ignore quest text and just run and loot/kill whatever the UI tells them to, then complain leveling is so boring >.>

  2. “Don’t know why so many people completely ignore quest text and just run and loot/kill whatever the UI tells them to, then complain leveling is so boring >.>”

    Achievements! simple as. Instant quest text saved a lot of time although I think the text reveal should have just been sped up rather than *bang* text, go kill.
    All those people who complained about the game being easy are the ones complaining that there is not portals now in Shat and Dal and are begging for portals. Get a smegging taxi to the ports for gods sake!!
    As for PvP it was fun when the BG’s first came out everyone playing in questing greens/blues a few people got the first PvP armour items/set but they was still killable, In AB and WSG victory was quite evenly shared between the two factions, then Blizzard introduced “resilience” and PvP went (in my opinion at least) to hell!. I rarely PvP now, although I managed to get an “ok” set of PvP armour via WG and Stone Keeper shards (r.i.p.)but that was more for “having” a set that any real need for PvPing.

    I noticed the other day that i had enough honour saved up to buy a full set of the original level 60 PvP (rank 14) armour set for my Dreanei Paladin, he looks imba now 😀 just wondering if I should put the effort in to get the 300 honour I need for the shield and 1 handed mace to complete the look 😀

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Not having portals does annoy the heck out of me though. Used my engineering portal to get near whatever area I needed, then either hearth or fly to Dal and port to whatever destination I felt like. I know this is only because Dal is the Wrath town and they wanted us to focus on the classic world, but still. Sucks right now, could have kept the portals before Cata went live, at least.

      Resilience isn’t too bad at the moment, as it is a flat damage reduction. But it further still makes new comers/ungeared people have to grind their bloodied face across the ground for weeks before seeing any actual improvement as the damage we do to them is drastically cut, while their damage is insanely high and we have zero reduction. (Currently frost mages 3 shot me with their permafrost combo, and marksmen hunters are more than annoying for my Pally. 5 second silence with no cost on a ridiculously short CD. Cool stuff, Blizz.

      And I got a hankerin’ for archaeolgy!

      • I think Blizzards problem is balancing a game around PvE and PvP simultaneously has caused no end of problems. Maybe it’s time to keep PvP separate from PvE but I am guessing that will never happen. Even with Devotion aura and 920 Res I am being critted for 10k+ far to often for my liking, Ok more Res will help but not solve the issue totally. But these days rarely do I tip my toes in the frigid waters of PvP. Just content to blast my way through 5 man HC’s (must get back to Paladin Tanking) and doing the newbie questing zones.

        I wasn’t excited about the Archaeology at first but as Cataclysm gets closer I am wanting it more and more so much so that I may buy the game before I was aiming to lol.

      • Encrazed Crafts Says:

        Oh yeah, bud. I still get *rocked* constantly. The only reason I pvp at all on that toon is my cousin’s Ally main is on that server so I co-op with him a bit (should actually be on an hour ago, I’m running late on my game time today :P). He and I both go holy and spam Lightshock (I think it’s called, I have a high pally but it is far from my main) and word of glory as I run around like a chicken with my head soon to be cut off. He can literally have six beating on him and take it fairly well as he has over 50% damage reduction with the amount of resilience he’s sporting. Check the handy new bigger info tab on your character, should show up under Defense. Tells you percentages and everything which will help my warrior know when he’s hit capped more consistently.

        And yeah, pvp and pve should have been separate from the beginning. Hate that my Warbringer and the like got nerfed because a few people did that in PvP, so they nearly cripple my movement capabilities in PvE. Thanx guiz! /rolls eyes

        Did you check totalbiscuit/totalhalibut’s video on Archaeology? I kinda wanna keep my low level alts low so I can level it up a lot faster hee hee

  3. Aye I have watched a few of his films, I think Archaeology looks like just like a fun romp. Talking of alts I noticed that when my Shaman was flower picking I was getting 110xp from Peacebloom and Silverleaf and 35xp (now 15xp) from Earthroot, Mageroyal was 150xp and there is loads of it in Loch Modan, well what is left of it! 🙂

    My main which started out as a Mage till Alliance got Shaman in Burning Crusade. Towards the end of BC I started a Dreanei Paladin, I had a Dwarf one but because of the way Ret Paladins worked back then he had stalled around level 50ish. Anyway the new Ret changes made Paladins rock so I began to level a new one (Hooves and Tails ftw!) and was tanking 5 Man HC’s at level 80.

    So this little fella http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/azjolnerub/banhammer/simple has been my main for sometime now 🙂

  4. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, aye, mine have swapped quite a bit in my WoW career. First played it on my cousin’s account, human lock back when they were terrible. Got to level 12 purely grinding mobs that were like green to me. Made him a tailor and thought six slot bags were “awesome” as I could make them for almost free versus gold pieces from vendor.

    Now, the first toon I actually *liked* was an undead warrior. Got him up to like thirty before making a troll hunter on a pvp server. Good times. Longest main I’ve had has gotta be my gnome warrior, though I’m heading back to Horde for Cata. New server, new toons, all awesomeness.

    Well, everything is awesome minus Garrosh, anyway…

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