I am the 5th Beatle!

Back in the day when I was young (minus figures in fact) I was the 5th Beatle. John, Paul, George, Ringo and Banhammer! Ok maybe not but we bought Beatles Rock Band for the PS3 this weekend, only £4.99 from HMV (I know I was shocked to find something under priced in HMV too). With the Good Lady on drums, myself of lead guitar we rocked our way through the first few levels. . . sorry “gigs”. While I love playing the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games Beatles Rock Band has to be the best looking yet the back grounds to all the songs are distracting (in a good way). The songs are all great, hay its the Beatles right! and having the collectables (photos) and the trophies give even further incentive to keep playing Open-mouthed smile

Choices to be made today!

Well the day of Cataclysm approaches fast, I now face the difficult choice of should I go get the game (2 copies needed) and face the over crowded new areas and the “fuck you all” race to 85 begins, You know the type, resource/quest objects/mob kills ninjaring just to try and get that “server first” that some spotty faced oik who’s parents pay his way through life will be half way there before you can eve log in! OR I could just buy the expansion for me and the Good lady and wait till Xmas day to install and play? Smile

Pedos everywhere it seems!

A current Book Facey trend is to replace your Avatar picture with a picture of a toy from you childhood to aid in a campaign (that no one has heard of) to stamp out child violence. Nice idea sure but in the great scheme of things it won’t make one iota of change, don’t get me wrong that fact is a absolute shame but a fact none the less. Well not one to buck the trend (well Ok not one to find a really camp picture of Action Man to use). Well it seems that this campaign may not be the work of some well meaning person/collective but once again the work of Paedophiles *dun dun daaaaaaaa* WoW I bet they cased 9/11 too and there’s us blaming the Muslims!


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