It’s the Cataclysm! Run to the hills!

Well been a few days since I last uploaded anything to the blog. To be quite honest I have been experiencing the new content of Warcraft’s latest content expansion. First off to beat the rush I carried on playing my Undead Hunter for a few more levels. After 2 days I took my Paladin Banhammer out to the Sunken City of Vashj’ir. A quite amusing introduction having been thrown off the ship by a giant squid then saved from the Naga by a Shaman.

Well to be honest all that swimming around is a little tiresome but the free mount (only useable underwater though) but 450% riding speed is nothing to be sniffed at! Smile Well after a handful of quests I decided to move on and headed of the Stormwind to get myself the quest to head to Mount Hyjal.

Mount Hyjal for my money is a better questing environment (no swimming) the quest chains tell an epic story of the Druids bringing back the the great spirits to aid in the war against Ragnaros (yes he is back) and his evil allies. Fighting the Twilight Hammer and aiding Malfurion Stormrage and his Allies. There is a lot of phasing and you have to finishing areas before moving on. Although I never experienced it, it is possible to miss some minor quests so make sure you complete everything when there.

After dinging 82 with Banhammer (and failing to train *sigh*) I moved to Deepholm. This zone starts out quite low in my opinion and to me, does not feel very “full” it all just seems very empty and you are taking on a ride at a fix pace from quest to quest, location to location, which is why I stopped and switched to rolling a Goblin Mage and a Worgan Druid.

In all honesty there is no real reason for the Humans of Gilneas to be have been Druids right from the start, I mean they are the same as the Humans from Stormwind and the (former) Humans from Lordaeron. Who, unlike the Elves and Taurens (and now the Trolls) do not seem to be tree huggers. They live in a city ffs, once you do the opening quests and get “bitten”  then it makes more sense. Well for a start now that I am bounding around in Worgan for I do feel the need to piss on trees and mark my territory. Open-mouthed smile


One Response to “It’s the Cataclysm! Run to the hills!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, nice closing sentence! Man, that Worgen zone was…ugh. Let’s just say next time, if I ever make another Worgen that is, I am powering through that zone in full heirlooms. Did not like that place at *all*. Goblin, completely opposite. Love that area and me and the Misses plan on making lvl 1 alts just to drive around the place and see everything whenver we want.

    Vashir is a great, great zone. But I can see why you’d prefer Hyjal. Next toon or whatever I get up there will do Hyjal first, as while Vashir is extremely well done, it does seem to linger a little bit, as it is so organic it is hard to find x eels when you have to look in all dimensions against a handful or more of other people.

    Somewhat disappointed they are making leveling and raiding so easy, though. I kept hearing heroics will be really hard, but my cousin is clearing them left and right. If it is so easy, not exactly fast though, but simple to clear now…why bother getting better gear? It will be a cakewalk within a tier at this rate.

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