Only you can help prevent forests. . . . . .Fires!

Well that was a shock to say the least. I have been messing around with texture packs for Minecraft, there is some nice ones out there if you go looking. Any how I had started a new map and while building my new house I found the location I had picked for my house was covered in trees. Clearing trees one at a time takes some effort, if on there was a way to speed things up?. Well while I was watching my son play he made a Flint and Tinder tool and I asked him if that worked on trees so he use it on the nearest tree. This is when we discovered that building a house from wood blocks my not have been the brightest idea. So to his horror and my amusement we got to watch his house slowly burn down! *chuckle*

In World of Warcraft news leveling continues apace with Banhammer reaching level 83 and almost half way through to level 84. Deepholm is a pretty place, plenty of mines and herbs to be had. Silly amounts of XP to be had herbing and Mining which is speeding things on greatly. Like most people I have many alts covering many of the professions, so my Blacksmith and Alchemist are benefiting greatly from Banhammer’s efforts. The only issue is that the amount of ore/bars needed for Blacksmithing is a little high but I guess that stops people being 525 in hours compared to a few days.

Oddly enough my Leather Working Druid is find Leather Working easy apart from the bullshit of the early items being “Random Enchants” the end result is that He has made 4 belts and 3 bracers and only 1 belt was useable for a Balance Druid! Most annoying! If I want caster, dps or tanking Plate I can make it with out fuss, now if I want caster leather/mail items (ok the low end gear) I have to spend mats on a random chance I can use it. Ok I can sell it on the AH or just vendor it (maybe nuke it) but I wanted to make gear for my character. Frustrating to say the least!

Call of Duty wise I am almost level 40 (not prestiged once yet lol) but still plugging away, Favourite weapon to date has to be the Galil with either extended mags or a suppressor. It seems that suppressors up the damage or the straight shooting of most weapons which results in greatly improved kill rates.

Been playing Rock Band Beatles quite a bit with the GF mostly on her account so a lot of trophies going her way due to my imba guitar play skills. I’ll have to get her to play bass on my account to repay the favour! Smile


One Response to “Only you can help prevent forests. . . . . .Fires!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Kudos on The Beatles rock band choice! My dad would give you many plus internets/cookies/banana stickers/whatever you enjoy. He’s a huuuge fan of those guys, even has an hour community radio show once a week, playing songs and whatnot. Biggo fan, he be. It also made me indirectly giggle as the green bay rock band that came out after probably made money from the crickets chirping in the background than fans of that game. Go Beatles! Woo!

    While Happiness Is, in fact, A Warm Gun (had to go there), CoD and other online shooters annoy me as of late. Already ranted a bit about that topic though hee hee I think it all boils down to bad controls, as I hate thumbsticks instead of a mouse, and hyper realistic damage. As in you open a door and fall over because a pea shooter a mile away happened to pop a shot at you. ‘Sploding constantly isn’t fun for me, and I only enjoy rolling over others *after* getting rolled for hours in the first place.

    I cleared Vashir, in my Yellow Submarine, and really liked that whole zone and story, and have started Hyjal with the same toon. Instantly amazed at just how much more ore there is here than in Vashir. Took me a whole day to get like two stacks of Obsid. vs about half an hour in Hyjal. Crazy. (Also, didn’t know I forgot to train mining until I peeked in on Uldum and noticed I could not mine Elemental stuff. Checked my level and saw I never upped it, because I *expected* to see a spot to up it in the new zones like it has been in BC and Wrath >.<) Only got up to um, 'moving the prisoner' (to avoid spoilers) before I had to log. And I burned to death in an ore node that was too close to Baron Garr. I happened to land when he did the aoe thing, which I didn't know he did till I died. And then someone else came in and got it out of the blue when he wasn't doing the aoe. Bad luck for me, there. But I still got a huuuge haul of the stuff overall 😀

    Haha, to quote Frankenstein: Fire…BAD! I saw this video on youtube that a dude did the same exact thing. Saw it before I purchased the game and likely due to that, I have never made a house out of wood. Actually I only use wood for tools or furnaces and have never placed it down. Never can be too careful hee hee

    Norwegian Wood, am I right? Ok, ok! I'll stop with the Beatle's references…

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