OMG it broke!. . . .but I fixed it!

Well it has been a few days since I blogged some little holiday got in the way?. . . anyway Xmas has come and gone and Satan left me a few gifts Smile 

First up was American Dad season 5 and then he left Family Guy season 9 so that is things to watch while playing World of Warcraft. But what little wonders did I spy over there? woo hoo Guitar Hero World tour and Green Day Rock Band w00t!.

So we set up the drums, plugged in the guitar connected to a friend via PSN, all going good so far, third song in *snap* the kick peddle breaks! Disaster! Don’t panic, apply the Bob the Builder principle, Can we fix it? YES WE CAN! The first attempt to fix the peddle resulted a 12” metal ruler tapped to it. While this worked it looked like the peddle may still snap. So a few minutes searching the intertubez provided me with this website.  Tape, glue, knives and scissors seems like a workable plan.

foot_peddle_side1Side View

foot_peddle_sideFlippedunderside_foot_peddleUnder side

Well as you can see, it ain’t pretty but it does work! Just a shame since fixing it I have not had time to play any Rock Band or Guitar Hero games BUT I have managed to get Banhammer to 85. He dinged while in Twilight Highlands, quite a fun place to quest. Once again some nice phasing going on, especially at the start. Loved the quest called “Once More Into The Fire” helping Cayden Dunwald through the “obvious” ambush, when you point this out to him he says “yes I know, I have been through four times already!” Open-mouthed smile on completion he then says “A thing of beauty, isn’t it? An’ they keep comin’ back for more. Love it! I’ll go find Keely and settle her nerves in a bit. Just one more go through the row.”


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