I got 99 problems and a Blog is one!

Well as it has been pointed out to me my blog have become somewhat boring of late, I am working on the theory that it is because I have not made any post for over a month. In my defence I thought making stuff up to say to post on the internet was going to be easy, just ask my friends I say stuff all the time some of it even makes sense! maybe!

What have I been up to then I hear you ask!

Well in my defence I will say that I have been *ahem* busy and by “busy” I mean I get home from work shower and change, get kidnapped by aliens and lose a few hours (I am told this is just me falling “asleep” but I am not convinced!) once I have been returned from the mother ship with my butt remarkable not sore! I log into World of Warcraft or maybe Black Ops but more recently Medal of Honor Tier 1 mode and then I am set for the night, all else just fades awaaaay.

And now “The Promise!”

That heading was just a Cheesy reason for linking this song!

All that is going to change I stand before you, a proud paladin of the Dreanei kind and promise that I will keep this blog updated* on a regular basis.

So Tier 1 mode huh!

As mentioned been having great funne and frustration with Medal of Honor’s Tier 1 mode, for those that do not know Tier 1 mode is about playing (most of) the single player levels against the clock. Head shots and melee kills are rewarded with the clock being stopped for a 2 seconds each, Get 5 kills in a row the clock is stopped for longer. Initially I was frustrated because the game has portions of the level where you can not progress until something has been said or done by your fellow Tier 1 Oprative but in all honesty it is part of the level so you live with it and try harder to get the head shots in to claw back the time.

On the first mission I failed many, many times due to the fact that I was trying to be a spot on killer, nothing but head shots which lead me to be killed as I was out in the open. I have discovered that you have to use a mix of speed in places combined with just killing the Taliban fighter so you get to the next part/wave and progress. Still great funne, I recommend it whole heartedly.

Stop! WoW time oh oh oh.

So Banhammer is 85 has been for a few weeks now, maxed mining, maxed herbalism and cooking and almost completed fishing too. I have done the daily dungeon with him on most days and slowly building up the JP’s long way to go yet. I am waiting for patch 4.0.6 to get released so I can get 30JP’s a boss kill too (if I read the PTR notes right that is). Pre-Cataclysm I tanked quite a lot of heroics as a Prot Paladin, since the talent changes I not plucked up the courage to go tanking yet, but I will soon.

*Untill I forget or drift into forgeting about it as I am prone to do with such things!.


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