551% ? wow blood thirsty!

Taking a break from playing Call of Duty Black Ops I let the game idol at the main menu for a few. Out of the corner of my eye I see the Black Ops ticker tape scrolling useless information, what contracts are available today, which of my friends have completed which challenges. Along with these wonderful bits of “I don’t really need to know stats” I see one that did actually catch my eye. Apparently Black Ops players have killed 551% of the worlds population! Yay go us!!

Well today I can only describe it as “having the game of my life” in Black Ops on the map “Launch”. Not my highest scoring game but one of the most enjoyable to be sure. Nine kills in a row, some very close calls to being killed while on this streak. One memorable kills was some guy just laid down his RC-XD and I shot it when it exploded it killed him I was lol’ing like a mad man until I watched it back in theater mode only to find I’d shot him and not got him with the explosion Smile  Still it was funny at the time.

Almost level 3

Well my guild in World of Warcraft is rapidly approaching a whopping level 3 it’s a massive up hill struggle for small guilds to get anywhere with the new guild levelling system but you can argue that most of the “perks” are not actually worth anything to a small guild but still it would be nice for us small guilds to get some reward. As a side note I am rapidly approaching level 85 with my 3rd character, this time a Shaman. My Tauren Paladin, Saintangus is 65 and questing in Outlands. He won’t be long in Outlands especially with +20% xp from the heirloom items he has.


I have not really played much in the way of Minecraft this week mainly because I get a little deflated with the fact that building something does not turn out how I wanted it.   I think someone should make a website with some nice building plans to form starting points.

And finally. . .

I finally finished reading Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett, the story is centred around the Space Wolves who, as per the previous book have been tasked with Sanctioning the The Thousand Sons legion and their Primarch Magnus the Red for using Psychic powers. The books tale is how the Space Wolves lead up to this point. I always enjoy Abnett’s Warhammer 40k stories and this one was no different. I’ve now picked up Fear the Alien which is an amalgamation of stories from the 40k universe. I am hoping to have that finished soon so that I can get back to the Space marine battles book I planned to read next until I miss placed it in the house Smile


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