Dwarven Digging and a rant(ish)

No, not the quest from Mulgore, slapping Dwarves about for their tools but in Minecraft. I was just poodling around in game digging and mining as you do in Minecraft when inspiration took me. I will become Dwarf like in my Mining efforts and Dig one great giant fucking tunnel from one end of the map to the other.

MC 1

Looking back down the tunnel I’ve made. It takes a good 2 minutes to travel back to the start Open-mouthed smile

As you can see like a good Dwarf I have put in solid stone props to support the roof, don’t want any tunnel collapse now do we. I’ve had to build waypoints so I can dump off all the excess cobblestone, dirt and gravel I have obtained. Building tool boxes and furnaces as I go to smelt the iron to keep me in pickaxes.

Bad Company 2 – A minor rant!

Been playing more of BF: BC 2 Multi-player games recently and it seems a old problem seems to be rearing its ugly face once again, (Ok I know this game is old-ish now and that Battlefield 3 in on the horizon but the point is valid.) Good old “Heli-Campers” the only consolation this time is that you cannot be TK’d just for going near a Helicopter unlike BF:V and BF2 Smile 

While I can admire the skill of these guys circling the battlefield performing manoeuvres that would rip the Helicopter apart this is a computer game and there has to be some bending of reality right? Well in Battlefield Bad Company 2 these guys are are back with vengeance . The problem is basically this:-

A) Helicopters have unlimited MG ammo and rockets.

B) They can be fully repaired anywhere on the battlefield if you have a repair tool.

C) There is not enough guns capable of destroying helicopter on the map. Combined with the fact that the AAA guns are easily destroyed by the helicopter.

D) Accuracy of the shooter aside it still takes rather a lot of heavy calibre triple A rounds to take it down.

E) If one team gets both helicopters is pretty much a pain in the arse and game over.

The end result is that the helicopters (in the right hands) can end up being a game destroyer. As Battlefield 3 in on the horizon I am hoping that DICE/EA will have taken lessons learned from BF:V, BF2 and Bad Company 2 (although history it seems is doomed to repeat its self) and not make Helicopters (and if they include them planes to some extent) so untouchable!

My solution to this issue is in my opinion is simple.

A) Limit the amount of ammo and rockets they can carry, although keep the payload above what is real and have them return to base to re-arm.

B) Remove the the ability to repair anywhere apart from at the helipad.

C/D) Lower the armour of the helicopter or increase the amount of AAA guns.

E) This one has been an issue since day one. Simple solution is to remove the ability for the Op-for to use any enemy vehicles unless they have been abandoned, left the key in the ignition as it was.

If I am honest, my hope are not to high that this matter will be addressed in BF 3 but I am always one to live in hope!


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