Give me tanks or give me death!

Been hitting Bad company online hard recently, just Conquest mode mainly. I’m getting better a ways to mess up the Heli-campers days which is always fun. Anyway was in the game of my life the other day 24 kills and 4 deaths. I was working side by side with another guy both of us using M1A2 Abrams tanks we picked off infantry with the 50. cal and I even got a few infantry kills with the Main gun including 2 sweet long range kills, I so wish this game had a replay feature like Call of Duty Black ops!! Open-mouthed smile


Now I never was one skilled enough to use sniper Rifles in most games but Bad Company 2 can be a little more sedate so that if you can find a good spot over looking a flag base you can get a few good kills. So I try out the recon class, enter the game and then end up getting more kills with my pistol and 4 tank kills with C4 than I did with the sniper rifle. C4 + Tanks = Big bang! In that game I got caught and killed in the explosion of the tank I had just C4’d when the death splash screen claimed “Epic fail” I considered it far from Epic, I got points for the kill, points for the vehicle damage, points for flag defence and points for destroying the tank for a grand total of 180 points but –10 for the suicide which I think is perfectly good compromise Smile

Very little in the way of Black Ops played recently, since hitting Prestige lvl 1 and getting back around to level 33 again it has lost a little of it’s shine, I still delve back into the game often but Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor are proving great distractions!.

Details on Battlefield 3 seem a little thin on the ground atm but as it is fast approaching I think it won’t be long before there is more to see, just hoping EA/Dice don’t release a pos like they did with Battlefield 2142!


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