Pony up!

I finally did it, another silly achievement done. In all honesty I could have completed it in 15 days rather than the month it has taken but that is what happens when you let levelling a Tauren Paladin in the way of you grand scheme! “What on Azeroth are you talking?” about I here you cry! Well my poor little Argent tournament squire has had to run around after me as I ride my (various) mounts around Azeroth, but no more I’ve “ponied up” the tokens to buy him a little pony!.

Ban_and_squire its_a_pony
Before. It’s a PONY!

For the more astute out there you’ll notice than Banhammer is wearing level 60 PvP armour, there is a reason for this which is that I am (once again) going through all the “Old” world but new quests for the achievements. Ban already has the Achievements of Loremaster for Eastern Kingdoms, Outlands and Northrend (only have a handful in Twilight Highlands and the Uldum to go for the Cataclysm Loremaster title). I was about 80 quests off getting Loremaster of Kalimdor the old way before cataclysm changed that!. So’ he’ll have to start again on that route soon.

Ok so back on track to the PvP armour, to make completing all these quests have that “old skool feel to it I have been wearing the PvP set or the Dungeon set 2 I have. WHile I still dash mobs brains out with one deft swing of my sword it still feels good to be that imba in so low set of armour Smile

Strict! again! WTF!!11eleven11

On the Xbox the Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack is out, not buying right now as the maps in all honesty do not look like they rate they are asking, I played Black ops quite heavy over the weekend past and I am only 6 levels away from becoming Prestige 2. My initial trepidation of switching to Prestige 3 was put to one side when a friend pointed out that there is “lifetime” awards that offer really good XP and as long as I keep playing I will jump back up the levels to the “better” weapons again quite quick!.

It would seem that the recent patch for the XBox 360 version of Black Ops has (for me at least) brought back the “NAT type: Strict” annoyance! Grrr. Oh well it only takes a few minutes to restart the router but still annoying!


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