Get to the Choppa!

Arnie said it, so I have. I went and got me my Mekengineer Choppa!


I’ve been farming cash with the Tol Barad and the Argent Tournament dailies (which oddly pay more) and was thinking of buying one from the AH. The I remembered my (one of my) other Paladin Olafolafsson or Lil’ Olaf to his friends (I have *cough* 4 *cough*) was an engineer. Lucky for me he had the rep to buy the pattern from Valgarde in Howling Fjord. The big surprise was the 12500 gold I had to spend for some of the parts, which only engineers can by.

Once I had the keys in my hand I had to way up if I should sell it and make a new one and keep the profit or use it! In the end yelling “Get to the Choppa!” and popping the bike was to much to resist and Banhammer used it and got the 10 achievement points to boot!

Call of Duty: Black ops First strike Map pack

So the Black ops map pack is out both on the Xbox (first) and the PS3, I didn’t get it right away I was still quite happy with the original maps. Of the four multiplayer maps I don’t like Kowloon, to campy, although it is quite good on “Gun game” mode Berlin is excellent not seen any one make the run down the red zone and survive yet Smile Discovery is good fun plenty of space to run and gun and not to dominated by sniper spots or places to “Lock” down and hold, always a way in Smile. Stadium I am not to sure about, it seems like they have taken a rejected level and given it to us for deathmatch will have to play it more!

Anyway for the PS3 lauch they made this, I will say fucking epic Machinima trailer for the Map Pack.


Minecraft Island Survival Mode

I have been playing the “mod” Desert Island Survival mode recently quite good fun being on such a small island, completing challenges set out for you. The only sad point is I forgot what the challenges were and just dug and built and made trees and food!. Next time I shall write them down and start it again.


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