Get Kodo, Got Kodo. . . Joust!

Levelling continues apace with Saint Angus, dinged 78 with him last night after two runs in a row through Halls of Lightning, it feels like the “randomness” of the LFD tool isn’t that random sometimes Smile with tongue out We completely took down the whole instance (on the second run) and I was left quite literally 1 kill short of levelling from 77 to 78. Since hitting 76 I remembered that I could have been doing the PvP dailies in Grizzly Hills, which means that Saint Angus is gaining honour at the same time as XP and gold! EPIC! ok the quests give 2-5 honour so it’ll take me a while to earn enough to buy something worthwhile lol

At level 77 Saint Angus got his invite to compete in the Argent Tournament in Icecrown, it took 3 days to get past the silly intro dailies but now I am working on becoming a champion of Thunder Bluff, which will take 5 days! ousting on a Kodo is just ridiculous but very funny to watch it’s stubby legs working at turbo speed when I charge.

For today all I need to do is the random LFD. It awards gold, xp and JP’s so I am not complaining Smile . I could sprint to level 80 Saint Angus has the heirloom shoulders and chest (+20% xp per kill/quest) but I took them off as his level is out striping my gear if it was not for the fact he is a blacksmith I would be even more under geared.


2 Responses to “Get Kodo, Got Kodo. . . Joust!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    It’s all good, dood. I’d keep that xp gear on and grind normal instances (mind you this is a tank mentality, I forgot if you were ret on that little pally moo-moo ^_^) till cap. You could always do specific dungeons if you wanted specific gear, and don’t forget the tabards to get exalted, thems head and shoulder enchants last. Oh! And the xp gear that says 1-80, works until the moment you ding 81! That’ll speed up the time in new content, if you’d like.

    Grats on getting to high level, by the way! I remember when you were talking about making one, and now he’s almost all grow’d up. Brings a tear to the eye…

    And that jousting stuffs was a blast AFTER you get the hang of it. I did not like it at all for awhile, but after a day or so I adjusted and it got super easy. I usually did the four hard jousts first then the three easy ones back to back without even dismounting. Then I’d show up to tank heroics for extra cash with all those epic tabard debuffs, showing that I not only bested those races best, but consecutively. (No one ever mentioned it, but I knew. I knew.) Now of course they only last like a minute, le sigh. Was fun while it lasted ^_^

  2. The Mooadin is specced as Prot (has been since about 74) as I wanted to be in practise for when I hit Cataclysm (I have now not long just dinged 81 to boot). Until I started to focus on Saintangus I was doing all the dailies at the Tournament with Banhammer to get the flying mount. But Tauren tails are more “swishy” so I got distracted lol.
    I liked calling my Argent Squire and changing the banner each boss pull I got him the Argent Pony recently so now he can keep up with me on the choppa! 🙂

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