Yay! 80, no wait 81!!

Dinged my Mooadin, Saintangus to 80 and got him the Hardened Obsidium tanking item set. I chose Mount Hyjal for his starting zone, I just enjoy it more than “Waterworld”. Running with BoM and Seal of Light and I’ve not be trouble with HP problems. Just the way we Paladins like it!. Smile I started with running a few Lich King heroics, I’d done them all before with Banhammer before Cataclysm so I knew what to expect in these places. To my surprise (and a little horror) we destroyed them, got some nice JP out of it though.

After a quick visit to the AH I had bought myself some greens and blues to boost out my tanking set and girded my loins (can Tauren’s do that?) and cued for a Cataclysm Random  and got. . . Throne of the Tides. I’d only ever been inside this place once as a Dwarf Ret Paladin, I didn’t know what I was doing then and being there as a Prot Paladin was going to be a surprise as well. We didn’t exactly make hard work of it but it wasn’t totally smooth run either but I now know when to move and when to stand still (Thanks DBM your a great help Open-mouthed smile ) Next up (no surprise at level 80 was the new Blackrock Caverns, this place is a lot easier to tank and got Saintangus Raz’s Breastplate and Carrier Wave Pendant. When I was handing in the final quest to Finkle Einhorn I dinged 81, I wasn’t even aware I was that close to levelling.

+Def? not anymore matey it’s avoidance you need!

Back in Wrath we had +defence stat hit that magic number and then just stack +stamina and you was good to go! Now it’s all changed, Mastery, Dodge, Parry and Block. You get Block from Strength and also mastery, reforge +hit into mastery, reforge expertise into dodge!. My gods what happened to the game! lucky for me a friend pointed out this great site www.askmrrobot.com/wow/ don’t take it as gospel but it’s a good place to start when tweaking your gear. It works for tanking, dps and healing. I’ve tested it on many of my character and the advice is solid but I think it seems a little raid focused!

…And Finally!

I rolled a (short lived) Worgan Druid called Banhoof the other week, sadly he is now “living on a farm” if you get my meaning. While I was playing him I saw a question in [2. Trade] and couldn’t resist giving the answer I gave see picture below.



7 Responses to “Yay! 80, no wait 81!!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, awesome joke about the ol’ desert area, man. And then the guy asks the same question after you get the props via whisper, even more awesome!

    Grats again on the mighty moo! Though I’m surprised you found the lack of defence to be a confusing thing. How it used to be, was a complete road-block to tanks trying to get into heroics and raids. Took forever to get the stuff massed, then once you hit it, you had to get hit rating and expertise… ugh. Terrible, terrible model. They got rid of it, so now all you have to worry about is the basics (like how classic was) of just Dodge, parry, all that. In fact most gear with Defense on it gave block and parry as well automatically, they just lopped off that statistic is all.

  2. Oddly enough I never had an issue with get enough +Def rate. I tanked Heroic all the time in Lich King, I guess for Protection Paladin Hit isn’t (wasn’t) as important what with Consecration, Hammer of the Righteous, and Avenger’s shield 🙂

    I guess what I don’t like about it most is that I can’t just get the stats I need without having to Reforge into something that gives me something else. (i.e. into Mastery to give me Block, for Paladins at least.)

    In many ways they have removed +Def (amongst other things) and replaced it with Mastery. All the same different name 😛

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Oh, aye. I tanked heroics a lot as well, but *initially* getting that gear was a PITA. (Again, Warrior perspective. Wasn’t to pleased about a *lot* of choices they decided on how to ‘balance’ tanking classes back then. It’s far more closer now, for the better.) I’m talking pre-valor-and-frost-tokens-off-heroic-bosses, stuff. Seeing my cousin get his fresh DK topped off with tanking gear just a week after dinging 80 stung quite a bit when that initially took far longer when Wrath first shipped.

      I just disliked the stat in the way they handled it, really. Low dps does not equate to wipes. Lower (at the time) geared healers could still heal, but needed to drink a lot. Lower geared tanks not only spelled doom for a lot of groups, they could not even GET IN to groups in the first place do to all the arbitrary gear restrictions (Hit cap, Def Cap, Stam Pool, etc.). Now they are ‘baked’ into talents, which is better than initially, but they should just be baked into the spec, in my opinion.

      I do like how Mastery is an option, though. If you are well over hit cap, go Master, or Dodge or whatever. The more options the player has, the better. Gear score, and maybe a Karazhan-like unlocking process should be the only limitations placed on a player before they get into the meaty content. Though that Skeleton Key was a mighty undertaking at first, as well. Still wake up screaming about Shadow Labs and Shattered Halls. 😀

  3. Back in the Dizzle I was Elemental Shaman so getting my Key for Karazhan was easy! When I tried to do the same for my Paladin I could never get Murmur right in Shadow Labs. I just never could run fast enough (more like at the right time THEN fast enough) from him when I needed to. In the end we called in a friend who was a Shadow Priest who just helped keep me healed and I never had to move from in front of Mumur! lol

    I am not sure what it is about the Warrior class, my first character was a Dwarf Warrior (angry, ginger and short what’s not to love?) I levelled as Arms got all the way to 55ish before I bought and used Blood rage. I just couldn’t understand why I would want a spell that took health away lol. I tried tanking with him but just couldn’t understand what or how to tank, I read up but still couldn’t hold the aggro it totally escaped me. Having said that I loved levelling as Protection spec. Shield bash was epic when it proc’d 😀

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Same here, only a gnome. (Only thing Alliance I could stomach at the time to play with my cousin, plus thinking of a teeny tiny guy getting wailed on by a mammoth rock boss seemed hilarious.) Was arms, well after the 5 into cruelty (can’ts do that no more >.<) hee hee, but leveled arms all the way though 70. Tanked instances as arms as well. Held threat like a dream ^_^

      That's not to say I wasn't void of noobish mistakes, I barely hit level cap before BC and I remember how vent died into silence when someone told me to pull and I charged in as I never, ever had a ranged weapon equipped. (I still say pulling with bows is pointless in most situations. I need rage to do my thing, charge builds rage, AND I'm right next to the caster now. Quit crying about repairs and heal me, I'm the one that's going to die first anyway :P)

      Murmur was a total badass. Once you saw that room open, it was darn near cinematic. I STILL want that warrior tier gear all the melee orcs had on in that long hallway, the blue made it awesome. I always stood on 'that line' in the center of the room, just close enough to make sure he didn't start 1 shotting people, then when the room started pulsing I ran like hell away, before charging back in. I really like those bossed that punt, actually. Punt once, charge in. If they punt again, I still got Intercept on a macro so poof, back into the fight. Made it seem all epic haha

      • When Warriors was pretty much it in tanking I was playing Fire Mage (The ONLY way to play Mage) we was in ZG about to pull Bat boss when our Main Tank sheepishly calls over Team Speak “any one got any arrows I’ve run out!” He did point out that the stack of 200 arrows he had bought has lasted him close to 4 months! lol

        I loved leaping of tall(ish) buildings or hills and bashing the charge key like mad so that I would charge into combat and take no fall damage! Fun times!

  4. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    “I loved leaping of tall(ish) buildings or hills and bashing the charge key like mad so that I would charge into combat and take no fall damage! Fun times!”

    YES! A Google times, yes! I still do that, though my engineering parachute replaced it in Wrath. (Used the heck out of it in BC with mixed results, depending on latency hee hee) I remember doing quests in Redridge and giggling like mad when I would jump and charge at just the right time to make it look like I was dashing across the top of the water. Watching that red blur come off the giant axe or other large pointy thing I had equipped.

    That Heroic Leap they added *initially* was an uber version of how we used charge to negate fall damage. I’ve seen youtubes of it in the Wrath beta (yeah, they cut it as it was intended for Wrath, lameness) where a dudge jumped off a high cliff in Dragonblight, mashed Heroic leap, and the moment he smacked into the ground he went *flying* forward like he was shot out of cannon. He did not take fall damage on that second landing either. But of course it was fun, so Blizz nerfed it. Got a bud who always say Blizz is a bunch of fun killers, and that “They’d never do that in LotRO! Hell, they *extend* their holiday crap if people are havin’ a good time!” Got to the point of being a catch phrase.

    “Ah, man. My broom just expired.”
    ” …They wouldn’t have done that in LotRO!”

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