I do grafix me!

Felt it was time to make a header graphic for this blog. To the Cloud! nah just kidding I used a very old version of Photoshop to make it. Turned out quite nice for a noob I think! πŸ™‚

On the WoW front I was about my normal dailies grind when I noticed something very odd indeed, the symbol above Tol Barad was the Alliance one! of course this must be some kind of mistake. So I logged out of WoW, deleted my WTF, Cache and interface folder, you know just to be sure and logged back in! It was still there O.O I’ve not seen that on Azjol Nerub before (ok I don’t look that closely anyway) but since IΒ  have been trying to get the achievement for doing all the dailies (I already have the one for 100 dailies handed in). So with my trusted Death Knight companion Wizzkitten* in the side car we set off for adventures new. Not sure what I really expected but we picked up 6 new dailies that involved killing everything in a very local area, did them, handed them in and left, yeah thrilling huh! πŸ™‚ Since that one heady day (I shall tell my kids of) I’ve not seen Tol Barad in Alliance hands. :s Oh well such dreams are made of these things.

Saint Angus has been busy, he adorned his Venomhide Ravasaur for the final time with Roc feathers from Tanaris and collected the 20th (and final) tooth and is now the very proud owner of his Whistle of the Venomhide Ravasaur πŸ˜€ Also I’ve been keeping up with his daily Cataclysm dungeon and got Cloud City at Bespin. . . sorry I mean the Vortex Pinnacle in/above Uldum. WhileΒ  healing is incredible at even level 82 which means once again I can AoE tank my tail off with larger mob packs. With this in mind it seems the DPS is very keen on starting before I have even flung my Avenger’s shield! While it’s not that hard to taunt the mob back it would be nice to actually get some more threat on the mob before the dps starts again but alas it is not to be. So I let them tank it for a while wait for the clothies get a bit flat and the lesson is (most times) learned.It’s just a little frustrating to see spells and arrows zooming overhead just as I go to pull!

CoD rage is back!

Well kinda! I was spamming the Wager match mode “Gun Game” and was still stuck on the Python and in 6th place, the blood was simmering at this point I had just died a few times even after hitting my target (f**k you crosshair X) and not getting a kill but killed instead. I happen upon a guy with his back to me** centred on his back, pulled the trigger 3 times X, X, X goes the crosshair’s Bang goes his shotgun and I die!!! Blood almost at boiling point now, the vision is edged with red, controller gripped tighter, feint hairline fractures are appearing in the plastic! bang! bang! kill. Paired ASP’s, bang,bang, bang! kill! Spas 12, boom, boom, kill! Steakout shotgun, right getting some where, Splat dead! Ok no worries I am off bottom spot, boom. Paired Skorpions, MP5, AK74u, M16, M14, keep going, your getting there! Rocket from a LAW whizzies past my head, burst if fire from my FMAS, miss, another burst, again I miss, So close now I can read the name tag on his BDU’s. Hah I have him he has just side stepped out from behind cover I have him, STAB! miss he stabs back (still not facing me) and HUMILIATED!!!! WTF man! RED RAGE OF DEATH is upon me, run from my rage, fear me, I shall smite all in my path!! I was this “!” close to dashing the controller on the floor! but then I remembered I’ve already broke one and these smeggers are not cheap! πŸ˜€

New plastic and this time it’s grey for a reason.

Games Workshop are realising very soon the new Plastic range of Grey Knights and with the exception of the Dread Knight all look pretty sweet, I think I may indulge in some Grey Knight Terminators and paint them up for Space Hulk! OOOh Epic thought! Space Hulk Daemons Vs Grey Knights! Must begin think about this right away! Then again I always end up thinking about Ork Nobz. . .in Mega Armour made from plastic. They would be awesome! OOOh epic thought Ork Mega Armour Nobz fighting Genestears in a Space Hulk!

Talking of Green the new Warhammer Savage Orc (nerdy enough to be right about the spelling between the two types) are some seriously sweet models. The clothing (or lack off in some cases) really feels tribal the weapons look hacked from stone and the body builder-esque chiselled bodies “Zugbag thank u for seeing, yes I duz work out!” look very natural. I am very tempted in buying some just for the fun of gluing them up and maybe even paint one or two. Anyway here is a picture of some stinking Xeno scum, I mean Tau I painted.

*Ok, look I know she is “dead” and traditionally Undead and Paladins do not see “eye to eye” but she is girlfriend. . . . erm I mean she is played by my girlfriend, nothing kinky going on there!

**Not a Paladin in CoD I don’t have to offer up a chance at a fair fight to my foe!


2 Responses to “I do grafix me!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Ah, you have a Misses playing the WoWage with you as well? Lucky guy. And double healer potential as well, nifty nifty. Me and my gal started out Warrior/Hunter, but have rerolled Warrior/Drood. Goblin and Troll, respectively. (Verses Gnome and Dranaei. Lucky Gnome…)

  2. It’s good when the Good lady plays the same games. You can offer to boost her characters then trade that off against household chores lol

    My misses started out Warrior then found that having a pet far more interesting (she has the same pet that she first trained almost 6 years now) Well I think it was more to do with the Pet does the hard work she just uses Auto Shot πŸ˜›

    We did make some Belf Hunters called “His” and “Hers” our pets we named so that they would say “His – Hers Pet” and “Hers – His Pet”
    But our best moment was our Forsaken Shambling and Shuffling! πŸ™‚

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