Hitting the wall!

Just a short post today.

Well it’s my “time of the month” it would seem with World of Warcraft, I just hit the “not bothered” phase. This makes me sad panda, especially as SaintAngus is half way to 85 and by that I mean 84.5 and not 42.5 🙂 for the last two days I’ve logged in and not really had the inclination to do anything :S the end result is that I have missed out on 280 Justice points, 1 cooking skill point 1-2 cooking tokens and a bunch of gold.

On the other hand I have spanked the snot out of the bots in combat training mode while playing Combat training mode. Man that is so much fun. It’s a great place to practice with weapons that you would not normally use. Been having such great success with the M14+Grip+ACOG although some maps it’s worthless. Array it’s a great combo especially if you camp out the near the fuel tank near the bottom of the map (claymore placed behind of course!) Another surprising combination is the AK47+ACOG not to bad at close range but truly epic at medium to long range!


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