The Saint is 85!

Managed to get Saint Angus to 85 as planned, then spammed a shed load of instances for the Justice Points. Have managed to get enough to buy Numbing Handguards and The Shield of the Four Grey Towers from the vendor in Orgrimmar. I’ve tanked most places but it seems that in his current state he’s not good enough to tank Grim Batol (so I was told) even though I tanked the three packs at the start near the red drakes. The first and third packs are made up of the same mobs. My health never dipped below 50% on the three Wyrmkin dragons or on the second pack (including the elementals and casters) but on the third pack I died which is when I was told I that I take too much damage?

Oh well back to the questing to pick up some more protection gear to try and get a higher level of avoidance. I’ve not tested Saint Angus’s mettle in Lost City of the Tol’Vir or a full run at Grim Batol but He’s pretty much tanked everything else. I am quite content with bashing heads as Retribution Paladin although I still have not quite managed to get my rotation down so that I am hitting the high DPS that Paladins are able too. I normally get around 5.5-6.5k not good enough for Heroics I guess!

Just for fun I’ve been play the girlfriends Dwarf Hunter, partly I do it to tweak her character to make sure it giving good dps for her, I tweak the glyphs and the talent tree for her and then I get to do the fun part, I run quests and instances. All was going so well until I misdirected to the tank who had gone off ahead (we didn’t notice) after killing Ozruk. The giant ran off after the tank and twatted him one being already low on HP from the Twilight Cultists he was AOE tanking and with out a healer he didn’t last long! It was a tragic mistake but I did LOL.

Battlefield 3

Just seen the new trailer for Battlefield 3, due in the Fall (as the colonials say) of 2011. Oh man it looks so smegging epic. Click on the link and watch the videos there to see what I mean. I think this will be the first outing of the new Frostbite 2 engine. This time at least there is going to be an single player campaign most likely short like Medal of Honour, but it’ll be so Epic that you won’t notice. Just hope that it does not delay the production of Medal of Honour 2!


2 Responses to “The Saint is 85!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Grats on 85 and zee tanking abilities. Were those all heroic or normal difficulty? And I hate being told I cannot do something like that. I tanked the new bosses in the Wrath PvP zone weekly, then one day I was told my gear wasn’t good enough at the instance door and got the boot. Since I successfully tanked that boss three weeks in a row in other pugs, I was pissed off to say the least. (Give DPS a tool that they can misuse and misread, great job addon makers. >.>)

    I do the same thing for the Misses’ hunter! She doesn’t like all the technical jargon, and normally it takes me like four attempts to tell her all the info she knows because she loses interest so fast. “Just tell me what order to use things.” “But this is *why* you need to hi–” “Just, the order.” “sigh”

    And I’m hoping BF3 allows a more pure-fps than the last few. I think this is why Strike at Karkind is coming back. That was the only map I played after awhile in BF2. Leave the cheap tanks out of it, I just want to shoots and not get 1 hit deaths in an aoe around my spawn >.> (In BF2’s ‘defense’ it made taking out tanks in foot far too difficult. You’d need to completely respec to even damage the damn things, and in that case you had to pray you never missed, they never moved, you had enough ammo, and that they didn’t have even a single engineer to heal em, or all that effort would be lost.)

    I was a Support man, myself ^_^ Ammo goodie bags leading the way to the enemy base, stuck in ever nook along the path, like a trail of breadcrumbs to lure the DPS forward. And then I had my trusty heavy machine gun, who needs a (nearly useless) sniper rifle when I can pick of bad boys with this baby in burts, and it had a huge clip XD (That I could even resupply myself!) 2142 botched the class mix-and-matching, but it still felt ok after ther horrendous ‘beta’ (should have been “Alpha” >.<)

  2. I played Battlefield 2 a lot too, although the account feature did bork out on me once or twice and that I could never remember my details meant I had to start all over again a few times. I didn’t get too far if I am honest in terms of unlocking the new weapons but I was there to shoot stuff and that is what I did. . .a lot!

    I played Assault class all the time I mean who could resist the Grenade launcher under the barrel of your assault rifle. People call them “Noob Tubes” but that is just by people who do not respect the skill it takes to pick some one off. (or dump the 40mm grenade right in the drivers seat of a jeep) Yet we are all meant to swoon at the skill they show when (they TK to get) a plane or helicopter and proceed to kill every thing that moves. Now don’t get me wrong I respect any skilled player but when the game provides “arcade” flight model but then also gives the vehicle the same arcade survivability it makes the game pointless for infantry.

    I remember in Battlefield Vietnam, while every one was TKing for the planes and helicopters I was making a beeline for the AAA I just love shooting them down. Made my day to read the bitching in chat about it.

    Battlefield Bad Company 2 suffers from this problem too. I’ve posted before about the heli-campers that make such a great game unplayable. For example the Apache is hard to damage and kill, it can be repaired in seconds and anywhere if the pilot/co-pilot is carrying the repair tool and have unlimited ammo (although it is on a reload timer). On the other hand AAA guns are easy to kill, the guided missiles are hard to hit a helicopter, and the 50. cals on tanks and AFV do not do enough damage to make the pilot think twice about sending a rocket your way a killing you!

    If Battlefield 3 continues on with this model then it’s multi-player would not be worth the effort in my book. Although I a loath to compare games and reality but if the pilot of a 20 million dollar plane thinks twice about getting near a stream of 50. cal then the pilots in War games should too. I know they are not simulators but give us PBI’s (Poor Bloody Infantry) some reason to stand and fight!.

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