Diggin’ and buildin’

Work continues apace *cough* on my Minecraft castle, I’ve built the bridge to the next island and started on a mine in the hope that I can find some more iron, coal and maybe some redstone, I’ve given up on finding diamonds, not managed to find any yet Smile

Castle View from the Tower.

The tower this picture is taken from is a attempt to reproduce the Alliance towers from Warcraft the basic shape was there but ultimately it didn’t look right. I think I’ll have to make the base bigger and rounder as it is far to square right now hence no picture.


The Wood hut, built to help my harvest my planted forest, the only thing is there seems to be a spawn point somewhere and a skeleton keeps appearing in the room so I can’t kip there at night! grrr.

The last view is of the bridge I built to link my castle to the other island and mine. While I could have just made a level platform I felt it looked bet if it was more “real” so I built the supports.


Winklehoof and Crispy Duck. . . .

Was a little bored the other day so I rolled a new character in Warcraft. This was born Winklehoof the Tauren hunter. (I know, I know faceroll class lol) The pet the Taurens are given is a Strider by the name of “Tallstrider” this will not do! So Crispyduck was born!

Well with that little distraction out of the way I have been running Saintangus in Ret mode for a while and fell victim and interesting (re: annoying) bug. During the final boss fight in the Lost city of Tol’Var Kicked off the platform while fighting Siamat and got stuck in a corner! As you can see from the screen shot I had to spend over half the bosses HP stuck!


I keep watching the new Battlefield 3 videos drooling like a mad man, It’s getting harder and harder to wait till autumn (or Fall as our overseas cousins say). On Book Face at the moment they are saying if they get 1 million “likes” they will release a new video so get over there and like it. Open-mouthed smile 

Space Dwarfs are back!

DSCF0004   DSCF0005

Just some thing I made a few days ago and final got around to taking photos of him. The inspiration for this model was the “Squats” from the old Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader days. I still have my original rule book somewhere, it’s missing the blue pages from the sample mission part. Which is way a few years ago I bought another copy from Ebay that is complete for nostalgia reasons Smile


2 Responses to “Diggin’ and buildin’”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I hate buggy mechanics in wow! You’d think they would have fixed some of that stuff by now, ya know? I think the main issue that bothers me how they mess with things, then just say “eff it!” and say working as intended and we all have to deal with it.

    IE: Targeting changed mid-bc, supposedly due to locks and shadow priests being able to cast channeled drains through walls. Honestly, I do not know if that even really fixed that issue, but I DO know it caused click-based targeting to be terrible since. I cannot click through party or myself the same way I used to, made doing anything annoying (and I kept targeting a holy priest that just HAD to stand infront of me while leveling up tanking on my DK, weirdness.)

    Secondly, they killed tab targetting! Before you could adjust your camera and it would only select things in your view, but now it is seemingly random. I’ve targeted things far behind me with Tab in Wrath, very annoying.

    Bygones, I suppose >.>

    Now to the good stuff, Minecraft! hee hee I think you got the right placement of that, I think it’s a Barracks in WC3, right? I’d say you are correct that making it larger allows you more detail, but I think you can still save your current building by just doubling the size of it vertically. It’s too short to have any reasonable catwalks and archer spots. Keep the ‘floor’ of the roof where it be, just tack on another floor and you’ll have enough height, I recon! (Those chests lining the wall in the one shot of the castle, are those supposed to be targets for archers in training? Kinda gives me that feeling lol)

    Did you try putting down more torches to prevent the skele from spawning? And did you dig low enough to get diamond? They only appear low to the ground, you know. I sense a topic for Minecraft Monday! (I kinda needed one anyway, so thanks! haha)

    That’s some mighty-fine paint skills you got thar! Maybe a Warhammer-inspired dealy might grace your Minecraft home in the future! Dwarfs are kinda happy underground mining, after all. Just need to be able to make Ale via crafting and they’d be home sweet home!

    • Aye Tab targeting has always been tricky when it wants to be but these days it’s totally borked. Click targeting is also problimatic as the game seems to prio the player/npc/mob at the for front unless you click the HP bars above their heads. I am thinking of using the “Tidy Plates” addon as that is meant to be 10x better than Blizzards UI.

      The castle was kinda based on the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle polystyrene castle but more of a proof of concept, I can do it so I did 🙂

      The boxes on the walls was my vague attempt to organise my supplies and items, it’s not working truth be told I still keep finding the same kind of objects in different boxes lol.

      I’ll have to try placing the torches down inside and outside my woodsmen hut, the inside is only 5 x 8 so I didn’t think it would have been an issue how wrong I can be hehe.

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