We need more. . .punishment!

Had a bit of a weird day in Warcraft this weekend, did a few instances as Banhammer and Saintangus, normal skill and using the LFD tool. Now I know that you can find some real “pieces of work” in the LFD tool but normally the Blackout battle group is pretty good but it seems I’d picked a weekend for the asshats to come out and play!

Most of the problems was due to people leaving after a certain boss either (I am guessing) because the item they was after did/didn’t drop and they just quit the group (and thus the instance) imho this is pretty rude and selfish behaviour. Personally I would increase the dungeon deserter debuff to 2 hours and/or remove any gold/xp/jp items they have earned in the instance so far! Maybe then they will think harder next time they want to loot and run! wankers!!

Now I am not a “pro” player by any means of the word but I do know my class or at least I try to make sure I know enough of my class that I can perform to a good standard (well for a normal 5 man run anyway), still it strikes me a shocking that some people still don’t have a decent grasp of class or game mechanics and make shocking choices.

For example . . .

Forsaken Warrior tank (Level 84) must have had an over all low avoidance and was taking a little bit to much damage so he asked for CC. So I said I would use Repentance on “moon” he then promptly charge the repented target! 0.o

Still in the same group we finally convince the Hunter (Level 85) to trap CC the moon target. He immediately lays down a snake trap at his feet!! He the sends a frost trap to land at the feet of the mobs while it is in range of the tanks (and our) AoE! *sigh*

Although these are not as impressive as the tank who decided that he did not need to move away from the glowing crap on the floor! There are very few things in World of Warcraft that are “good” to stand in and a good rule of thumb is to not stand in anything!

Another first, well since Blizzard made all the class changes was I have been actually asked to buff the healer with Blessing of Wisdom now as I don’t have that anymore I asked why as Blessing of Might will give you mana back “yes I know” came the reply “but your lowest DPS is higher than my Mana pool!” I am pretty sure that was praise but that was the first time as the only Paladin in the group to buff anything other than Might who was I to argue I was topping the DPS charts and out DPSing a Hunter! Smile

U haz gold? can I haz gold to?

I’ve never been one to “play the Auction House” but when I have gathered enough things to sell I always under cut the current market value for the quick sale. Now as the Horde Ah was empty of Obsidium Skeleton keys I decide to make a few and sell them I chose 19g for 2. I thought a fair price as there was none in the AH at the time and considering you get an average of 28g and a green item from the Cataclysm level lock boxes. Some guy bought all the keys and relisted them at 50g for 2! hah perfect I make a load more a relisted them at 19g this time Smile. Thanks to this Saintangus is within spending distance of finally getting Epic flying speed. Taken me an age to get here but with a from more Dailies from Therezane and Tol Barad and he’ll be there!


4 Responses to “We need more. . .punishment!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    That group sounds more dimwitted than jerky. The tank didn’t know why CC was, but everyone else asks for it so he wanted some too, and the hunter was obviously stoned since he dropped the wrong trap once attention was called onto him.

    Auctioning was really fun for me back in BC and classic, but too many people bot/addon that crap up. I can make bank just fine even with them out in field, but man is it annoying to sell something with no competition one day, than suddenly no less than six others are selling it for drastically reduced prices the next. (Found a little bit of a market here and there, they *always* popped up within a few days in Wrath, their stuff didn’t sell too well and they faded away. I put stuff back up, and a day later there they are again.)

    When you need a program just to tell you what to click, I think that is going a bit too far. Modding the UI to help make things run smoother, or quick-switch items and the like, I’m okay with. But overhauls and stuff like monitoring the market for the player and telling them specifically when and what to buy and sell? That’s just lazy.

    Rake the market clean, bud! If you are going for quantity just keep selling as you are. If you want quality, sell it for one gold less than what the competition is. My cousin does that sell it super cheap for super fast profit stuff, but where he will not listen to reason, may you please learn from his mistakes and understand that if it is cheaper by a copper or 1,000 gold, people will generally purchase the cheapest thing up to the highest. As long as yours is the cheapest at the time, it will sell. No need to slash the value of something in the process. (Say, 3-5 items for cheap in one sitting is ok, but he puts up like pages of cloth for waaaaay too cheap. Then other people with the same mindset under cut him in the same way, and what used to sell for 100 is going for 25 by the end of the week!)

    In this case, the guy reselling should cut his losses and wait for you to run out of mats or leave the market. He is now stuck in a cycle, which only profits you. In the very long run he might make some gold back, but by then the price will have gone down. Wait too long and a new xpack hits, no one needs the stuff anymore at all.

    Rule of thumb, other than cheaper goes first and not always fast, is that to sell it for as high as the market can possibly support. I sold a stack of leather for 10g one night because I mistyped and was too lazy to relist (normally go for 1 or so). Someone was desperate enough to buy it because nothing else was up at the time. It goes to show that people will pay high for things they want right away. Capitalize on that fact by charging as much as you can get away with -_^

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      That first paragraph was me being sarcastic, of course. I forgot to throw on a smiley face haha I didn’t want it sounding like I was actually defending that stupid lot!

  2. lol it sounded like sarcasm to me without the need for a smiley 🙂
    For me I would rather be out there hitting stuff than running AH scans or listing stuff besides I have so many alts nearly everthing I get I pass on for nuking, crafting, making bandages or using 🙂

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Ya know, at least on my tank, I never really made any bandages after a month or so into Wrath. They sold well enough and my playstyle just sort of didn’t need em anyway (figure if I needed to take a pot to live I messed up getting that low in the first place). When the prices for cloth did dip, I had buds make them into bags that sold *very* well for the parts necessary.

      I just wanted to make sure it was clear that I wasn’t raging out or something. I know I got, I’ll go with ‘pet peeves’ with wow, but I did not want it sounding like “Dang, man. I know this guy had issues, but day-um. Dude’s hard friggin core o.O;”

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