Kicked the the . . .Vulkans!

Over the last few days the new Black Library novel by Nick Kyme called “Promethean Sun” the story is set around the time of the Horus Heresy went into print. The only downside (and in my view a fucking huge downside) is that the book was chosen by Black Library for the “limited edition” treatment.

Pfft I let Black Library know what I felt about this via their contact us and got this rather lack lustre reply :- “I apologise that you have been left feeling let down by us on this occasion. We appreciate all feedback regarding our books, and we will take your comments into account.” Well isn’t that kind of them even in the Black Library Facebook post about this no one from Black Library has had the spuds to chip in and provide some kind of statement with regards to this issue.

What most of those who have taken Black Library’s “side” have failed to understand is that my (and others) issue, lays not with the price tag of £30 (shipping extra), not with the fact that it has only had a limited run of 3000 copies or that the website “stock counter” crashed, I quote from Black Library themselves “The immense quantities of Promethean Sun all going through the system at once have actually broken the counter that shows available stock.” (source: here) but the simple fact that the book “features an exclusive story that will not be printed anywhere else for at least two years.” (source: here)

No of course this could be just word play and the “exclusive story” is something extra included in the limited edition and the novel will get a paperback release very soon (sans exclusive story) but Black Library’s failure to comment, anywhere to alleviate customers concerns says to me that this is not the case! Lets hope they allow my comment to Nick Kymes Black Library blog post but I very much doubt it.

Minecraft 1.5 is out patch up people!

Saw Notch’s blog post announcing the release of patch 1.5 for Minecraft today, seems he is a little bored of blogging to lol. So far I’ve not seen any of the weather effects (on my map that is) but it is early days yet, the Achievements are set out like a tech tree and I can only guess it either expands when you have completed the current branches or they’ll just add stuff as they go. Statistics are of no real use but give it a week and you’ll look at them and think “Bloody hell did I mine that many blocks” or “I used up HOW many picks!!!” Smile

At the moment in “Banhammerville” I am currently shoring up my castle with cobble stone as the grounds surrounding it have been subjected to some creeper damage recently. What I actually mean is “I got too close and they blew up!”.


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