Things that go Hssss Bang!

Adding a few things to my Minecraft World “Banhammervillie” I’ve built a mob trap of sorts just need to find lava now to finish it off. I’ve also built a tower with fire at the top to help light the area a little.

ugly tower light

It’s been snowing a lot in Banhammervillie recently (as well raining very near by) and my towers are getting a nice dusting of snow. Even my Court yard is getting covered. Loving these weather effects, would love to see the rain fill up or pool in areas as well.

court yard snow

I keep getting ambushed buy creepers, I have manged to build it seems plenty of places for them to lurk in so when I walk through a door I tend to hear a Hissssssss which is when I start to run. So far the explosions have not done to much damage to me or the buildings. But it’s happened over five times now I think those creepers are getting smarter! that gits!!

Sony Playstation network down

Well it seems that Sony has just admitted that PSN has suffered some kind of attack and they withdrew the PSN service last Wednesday to investigate what had happened. The hacker group “Anonymous” have said that “this time it wasn’t us” as they was responsible for direct attacks to parts of Sony at the start of the month over the way they have handled the “jail breaking” issue. Odd that when all of a sudden there is millions of gamers world wide now really pissed of with these people they “didn’t do it!” The real issue is that the people/person who have been making the jail break dongles either claim to be doing it for the good of Sony customers “sticking to the man!” their “good intentions” also lead to the ability to play pirated and copied games. The upshot is that the cost of my games goes up. I am a firm believer in the fact that games and music producers have always used piracy to hike store prices up. We all (?) remember the “home taping is killing music” logos from the 80’s but when you consider that people like EMI and Sony was the biggest manufacturers of tapes and tape decks which people used to copy the records it does make you wonder what exactly their angle is there?.

While in some cases I can understand where the jail breakers are coming from i.e. It’s our console we can do what we want with it! (verses Sony’s argument of “While we sell you a console you can only do what we allow you to do with it!”) in the long run it is “we” the gamer who end up suffering with so far a total of 4 days so far of interrupted PSN service from Sony. “No games for you mate as we are doing you a favour by teaching Sony a lesson that they can’t mess with us!”. Well gee thanks do I write to you or Sony to get my 4 days back? I don’t want to put another OS on my PS3 I don’t want to play pirated games I just want to play games like Black Ops online!!

Game of Thrones shaping up to be an epic

Watched the first episode of Game of Thrones on Sky Atlantic via the Xbox the other day. Ok, Ok in the Uk it was shown on Monday but I forgot and only remembered today! Look don’t blame me I barely watch TV these days bsides I am getting old Open-mouthed smile A great cast, nice to see some British in there taking main roles (Sean Bean & Mark Addy) not that I have anything against Americans but it’s just warms my boots to see Brits getting some roles in US programs. As opposed to yanks putting on BAD English accents or Brits putting on really bad American accents (or even worse Brits doing bad Irish accents in American shows, James Marsters is Hawaii 50 anyone!) I saw from the adverts that Lena Headey had a role in this program and the queen. Instantly I thought Lena is in this she has to get nude somewhere in it. I am pretty sure I read somewhere she insists that it is in her contract to appear nude lol, Well imagine my surprise that when there I was nearing the end of the show and Lena had managed to keep her clothes on. Then BAM there she is having sex bare bum up in the air! Man you could almost make her acting a drinking game. Nude Drink, nude, drink, nude, drunk, nude *slips to the floor so drunk can barely see the screen anymore*

Superior Cow! Pale Dreanei!

Well it is official Saintangus is now better geared than Banhammer. I had been running around trying hard to find a replacement for the Hardened Obisidum Bracers and the only ones I could find was either from a quest in Uldum or a Boss drop in Halls of Origination. Banhammer has the green quest reward from Uldum and today I was luck to get the Superior quality bracers Armguards of Unearthly Light from Isiset with Saintangus thus pushing into the lead with gear Smile I did get Sun Strike too from Rajh but for some reason despite winning the need roll the sword did not get into my inventory, hopefully the GM will sort this out as I ticketed them right away!


One Response to “Things that go Hssss Bang!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Ugh! I had one nasty, nasty case of that no-loot crud back in Classic. Finished a Wailing Caverns, which is still slow now but back then it was like a low-level Black Rock Spire marathon. Killed everything, and even got up to the murloc boss, a rarity in a time without completion pop-ups left and right. Killed it, and it dropped a great tanking chest. Won the roll no contest, a job well done. Went up and got some dinner.

    Came back down, no chest armor. Bags were full >.< Cannot loot an item with full bags, of course. That took a few hours to get out of my system, though to this day it upsets me haha I know I go so much better stuff now, but it was the idea of it, ya know? Oy!

    As for Minecraft, torches! Ya need torches, lad! While you have a great deal of them set up, they look pretty but are not fully functioning to prevent spawning mobs. As for pure math, if you drop a torch on the ground at night you can see a diamond-like shape extending out from it. Each block away gets a little bit darker, until it blends into the environment. A torch's light is bright enough to prevent guys from spawning a good 6-8 blocks away.

    A good place for torching is put one every six blocks, including vertical spaces too. All of the torches in your base are three blocks off the ground, meaning it is three shades darker by the time it even reaches the floor. In short, I'd recommend putting torches directly onto the floor of your base to make things not pop-up anymore. Torch, five blank spaces, torch, in a grid-like pattern. When in doubt, torch it out!

    Also, currently mobs spawn on the flat surface of a floor or ceiling, not walls. If you really wanted to, you could leave the walls completely dark. As long as the floors are lit bright enough, no creepers ^_^

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