Lag, lag and DC (with more lag!)

Well playing Warcraft is out of the question for a lot of people in the UK right now (and parts of Europe from what I can tell) A combination of Virgin Media ISP, Blizzard and the every so <sarcasm>wonderful</sarcasm> Telia has lead to massive lag spikes and random DC’s all weekend. All we need now is for Xbox Live to go kaput and the whole Easter weekend will be complete waste of gaming time!

If you read the forums, especially here (at time of typing 60 pages) it full of people who are Virgin media ISP customers complaining about the high MS and DC’s. The truly odd thing is that Blizzard are saying “We know there is an issue, we are looking into it!” and Virgin Media are saying “We didn’t know about it!” or “We know about it and we’re looking into it!” so who knows what is going on.

A direct quote from the forums “spoke to Virgin and they have confirmed that is telia sonera AB ip address in France that’s down and causing the issues.”  Well if that is true it would be nice to them fix it fast but I doubt it, personally it sounds like Telia are “having issues” around the time companies traditionally sort out budgets and negotiates a new deal! cynically thinking!

Portal 2

We bought Portal 2 for the PS3 this long Easter weekend and with PSN down (still) online co-op is not an option right now. The good news is that PSN’s latest tweet / blog says that they are still working on it, just hope it’s fixed soon. As for Portal 2 it’s a typical polished Valve product just a shame it has taken so long for them to release it now lets just hope they can finish a new Half Life Episode 3. Well as for the game itself I’ve not played it for long as my Son ninja’d it as soon as we got it home so I’ve only had a few minutes on it but I hope to fix that soon.


One Response to “Lag, lag and DC (with more lag!)”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Aye! Ep3 is laughably late now, so much for speedy updates! Been like ten years since 2! At least I heard the connection between EP2 and Portal was brought up again in Portal 2, at least according to the list of achievements. Best of luck on playing the game, bud! I’m gonna try to rent it this week, myself ^_^

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