Patch 4.1 is live, well not in quite yet . .

. . for us in the EU at least we’ll have to wait for the normal Wednesday maintenance. As normal we can expect some extended downtime on patch day as 4.1 is quite large considering what is being added.

4.1:Rise of the Zandalari will introduce :-

  • Heroic 5 man versions of Zul’Gurub and Zum’Aman raids
  • Guild Finder UI
  • Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms (oh the controversy)
  • Guild Challanges

Of course these are just the highlights full details of the patch contents can be found here and the back ground story to the “Rise of the Zandalari” can be found here. Personally I am a little peeved that these are only Heroic mode only. I am not currently doing Heroics with any of my toons the main reason is that I do not believe my characters are either powerful enough or geared enough to run them. Ok being in a bigger guild and not my own “fan club” Laughing out loud would help but I can’t help feeling that once again Blizzard have introduced something that those of us who are just mere mortals are not able to go to. There is precious few instance I can run in normal mode at 85 using the LFD (Stonecore, Lost City and Hall s of Origination) and the new versions of Deadmines, Shadow fang keep are heroic only and now ZG and ZA are having their doors shut in my face because I cannot run heroics yet!


One Response to “Patch 4.1 is live, well not in quite yet . .”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Give it time, bud! If you could do it from day one you’d be bored and burned out faster, than just taking it as it comes. Those bosses will be battered and bludgeoned by you in no time, patience! All good Epics to those who wait 😀

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