Run to the hills Sony has lost all your dataz!! No I am serious!

Oh man bad day for Playstation users, Sony have finally come clean and admitted that some scumbags have hacked their data servers and stolen shed loads of data not just peoples user names and passwords but possibly credit card details too. More details can be read at

Now while I can understand why Sony closed down the PSN “for maintenance” I cannot see why they waited so long to tell us that those who have entered credit card details into the PSN could be at risk of having these details used! In my opinion not only have Playstation dropped the ball they’ve then kicked it under the feet of the customers who are now falling over!

I am soooo glad that I never entered my credit card details in to PSN when my son wanted to buy DLC from the PSN store! I know of at least one person so far that thinks they have had dodging dealings on their credit card already and I have only a hand full of people as friends on PSN, not good odds really!

It’s time to go and change your username and password on PSN when you can and time to check your bank/credit card accounts for any suspicious activity!


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