Hey I’ve been busy!

Well I could say that was the real reason I have not posted for about 2 weeks, but the truth of the matter is that I have a certain quality that sometimes keeps me from doing what I should do when I should be doing it! I call it being “distractedly focused” it works like this. . . I am playing World of Warcraft, Banhammer and Saintangus are starting to put down some serious deeps in 5 mans because I have been focused or working out a decent spell rotation and when and where I should use my abilities and getting gear. This have the counter effect of distracting me from making a few blog post in between. It’s not as if I have not tried, I mean I took some screen shots in Minecraft and Warcraft of what I am doing I always seem to thing “just one more instance or set of dailies, then spot what the time is and I must get to bed other wise I’ll be spent at work before I’ve even started!

So what have I been up to?

Well Banhammer has been doing more Heroic modes as a Retribution Paladin sadly not much in the way of loot yet and he is still in there with a few greens with is disturbing me a little, but I console myself with the fact that I have nearly all the Blues I need from the Justice points vendor for Protection spec that I can now start buying Retribution goodies for him. I’ve been into the new versions of Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep heroics quite good fun, some silly mechanics. For example in Deadmines the slowly spinning electric bolts for example but a great little story line to go with a great revamp of two classic dungeons.


Here is Banhammer looking dashing in his recently acquired EPIC guild tabard which increases  rep earned with the guild by 100%. Is it worth the 250g so that I can reach the weekly rep cap quicker? most likely but the real benefit in my eyes is that it looks excellent!

In other Warcraft news. . . .

In the EU there was an issue with the Login servers no one could login in for around 3-6 hours (I don;t know the full time it was down as I went out to meet a friend for PIZZA!!!! weeee! but before I left I was watching a thread in the official forums that took about 1 hour to fill with either compliants, people pointing out that servers was down or just having a good time spamming amusing comments! Once it had read the forums limit 2001 posts someone opened a second post but by then it had lost any edge of still being amusing. Needless to say less that 2 hours into the login servers being down demands for compensation began to crop up (and until a few days ago still was) *sigh*. Makes you wonder what these people will do if Blizzard turned the game off tomorrow?

Ninja gets lucky

Now Very rarely have I encountered ninja looters in game but ultimately I just shrug and move on, not much I can do about it asshats will be asshats simple fact of real life and in game life! To recent ninjarings left me a little annoyed, one was in Heroic Throne of the Tides a Rogue rolled need on a lock box because “I can open it!” around 30g + a green average from these puppies so they are good cash. The group complained the Rogue justified his actions and then he was kicked. Getting kicked for ninjaring a lock box a little harsh you may think but when this happened:-


He got a further 2 lockboxes from inside the ninjared lockbox, I lol’d at the time as I didn’t notice he had rolled need needless to say after that he got a bollocking from us refused to compensate anyone with follow on rolls and share out even on of the other lock boxes so he was kicked!

The second act of ninjaring I shouldn’t have cared about as it is a character on a PvP server *shudder* I never play on anymore, I was going though my characters across the realms and I noticed my very old priest I made there so I specced him Discipline and queued for a dungeon or two just for fun. After about 2 runs in Gnomeregon and 3 in SM Graveyard I’d levelled enough to enter into SM Library, Doan here I come I’m getting your Robe!! We fight our way through, I’m healing my arse off, no one listening to me ask for mana breaks but lucky I mange to keep up, we get to Doan spank him down and the Robe drops “needing” I say in /p the rolls come up on screen and the feral cat Druid has rolled need to and I lose to him! “Nice ninjred robe to a feral Druid!”, “OS you tard!” replies the Druid, “It’s for my main spec you Prick!” I retort! Grrrr. I need to make a sign that I can see on the edges of my computer screen that says “Asshats will be Asshats” to stop me getting annoyed at these people!


I’ve got a few achievements recently with Banhammer one I’ve got for a second time to. The first one is Got my mind on my money Loot 10,000 gold! I’d already be given this achievement a few weeks ago as there was bug that awarded it early! The second one I am most proud of as it took a lot of hard work and effort, Well when I say effort I mean I was fighting Orc at Kithhaven in Twilight Highlands when the screen suddenly takes on a red hue! I thought “Fuck what’s happened to my graphics card?!?!” and then I died, no “X hits you for X damage” I just died! Thats when the screen popped up with Stood in the Fire Well that explains a lot, I was so shell shock that I forgot to take a screen shot and had to go back through the chat log to get it Smile



“Deathwing’s Molten Flame instantly kills Banhammer.”


One Response to “Hey I’ve been busy!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    hahaha I like how it even said it instantly kills you, nice touch! I was actually playing wow for my bud (his net went down for a bit, and he wants that cub pet daily complete, etc) and out of nowhere the screen went orange and I was all “mmm…kay” and fires popped down. So I flew down into it, got the ‘cheive but no damage. I mean *none*. He’s 85 prot tank in winterspring, so maybe the zone level had something to do with it, but dang. Not even a dent. He was very happy he got that achievement, finally.

    I ran into fires when it first started and I didn’t get cred. Was so ticked off >.< I even saw DW hovering in the air when I arrived, to top it off!

    Yes, asshats will remain what they are. I think they are the main source of the game's shortcomings, actually. Most of my rage via tanking is from people like that, or said ninja loots, or bleh. People are dumb, and that's what they like to be. Sucks that it destroys the morale of the rest of the group, but eh. These things happen.

    Rolled tank on my ret pally to help tank fast runs for the Misses over the week or so. Surprised that my rotation is identical, just new button icons. Conc, divine storm, judgement, vindication (orwhatever the holy power damage dump is) is now conc, hammer of the righteous, judgement, holy shield. Oh, and I can toss my shield now, which does a chunk of damage and has chances to proc 😀

    But back to asshats, hate it when low level tanks, namely warrior or pally, are all ego-centric about being high on the damage meters. Well, Mr. Spiffy New Tanking Heirlooms, methinks most of your damage is from your gear, and you do massive aoe, constantly. Conc, blood and thunder, etc. Bringing up simple math is a waste, THOUGH I have found enjoyment with bringing it up anyway. They think I'm getting ticked off while they keep grinding mobs for me. They focus on upsetting me but in the process go on auto-pilot and continue to clear the place even faster than average from their will to anger me. They get so side-tracked with trying to be in my face with their blatant asshattery that they completely miss the fact I'm still getting chunks of level bars our of it. Basically a "Yes, you are still tanking mobs and trying to upset me. The stream of XP provided is really wearing me down /rollseyes"

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