Oh man Sooooo Clever!

Was looking around Youtube today for ideas on things to build when I stumbled across this video by Etherel15 demonstrating the Advanced Automatic Wheat Farm he had made (based on someone else’s original design. I was so impressed with it I had to share it with you here.

There are links in the video for a tutorial click on them its good stuff.

I’ve made a few things in Minecraft one was a nice round half dome which I had a farm in for a while until I heard someone talking about automated farms. I tried to make one of those. It didn’t turn out so bad to be honest but the animals kept treading on the crops lol.

Watching Etherel15 video I’ve learnt a lot on how water works in game so I am going to improve on my small farm and try and build something with a little more spark! Smile


3 Responses to “Oh man Sooooo Clever!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    It is pretty late by me at the moment, but I’ll check that vid tomorrow for sure! The main problem with animals trampling crops is the snowball effect. Say, you have a fence keeping animals out. (So that’s one less variable to worry about) You then have your whole crop area planted, lit, and ready to go. But you accidentally leave just one block of grass wide out in the open.


    Herd of cows just grazing in your fields all day long! The more they trample, the more bare earth is available to allow yet even *more* animals to spawn in there. Happened to a bud of mine, left just one block extra and yup, shambles of a farm was all that was left of it by morning lol

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Ah, heck. Watched it anyway haha That is a pretty awesome vid, it’s nuts in terms of how the system works (boat, door, gravel) but I have to wonder how long it took the original guy to think up that technique lmao

      “Ok, first we need a boat–”
      “To flip a switch?!”
      “Just… just stay with me…”

      • Considering I have trouble getting Red stone circuits working the guy who designed this originally is a higher life form and maybe we should worship him as a god lol.

        I’ve built my version of it, it uses a manual release system to allow the water to flow, better known as “me and a bucket of water!”. I’ve sealed the place in glass, placed torches and doors. Bugger just realised that a chicken can still get in via the water system will have to fix that when the day light comes!

        While have the Red stone system is just amazing I think I’ll stick with the manual release of water as it feels like I’m doing it rather than a machine. But I won’t guarantee that I won’t get bored of that and try and build the release system.

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