iLevel issues and wasted news.

What possible problems could you have with iLevel I hear you ask? well I’ll tell you, personally I think they are for some people (I include me in this) not an indicator of actual skill/talent/abilities. Now while I tanked everything 5-man during Lich King but game mechanic changes for Cataclysm have changed that (not a bad thing) so now you need to reach a set iLevel before you can do Heorics or the new Znadalari Heroics. Now where the system falls down is the tanking gear Banhammer has is of an high enough iLevel to qualify for doing Zandalari heroic, but his retribution gear isn’t. Things being what they are it seems I managed to get into Zul’Aman as Retribution. Now I can’t prove this but it just seemed odd that as soon as I bought the JP tanking chest I qualify for random heroic ZG/ZA dungeons. Odd that the iLevel for gear in bag seems to qualify me for higher level instances.

I was under the impression that Cataclysm dungeons was harder (and yes they are), this increase in difficulty out the outset was to encourage players to use long forgotten game mechanics (i.e. Crowd control) to make the run easier. Even taking into account imba tanks and healers it is still best to shackle, bind, hex or sheep a mob or two here and there to smooth the run over. While this practise has very quickly been ignored in normals when it is used people should still pay attention! Oh the reason for me saying this is that when playing Banhammer as Retribution spec my CC is a (upto) 1 min stun called “Repentance” Last night in Cloud City. .  .I mean Lost city of Tol’vir the mage kept attacking my CC’d target even WITH symbols above the mobs heads! *sigh*

In other Guild news. . . .well nothing really!.

As GM of a small guild, the guild news tab rarely has anything of note on it as Blizzard has deemed that a lot of things do not rate as news. A quick look at the news tab of our guild shows that one of our guild members got to 525 in a trade skill and before that that he had made an Epic level pair of tailor made trousers. Banhammer on the other hand has not only become exalted with the guild, level 3 other factions to exalted and bought 3 epic quality items. Ok that is beginning to sound a little self absorbed but if those things do not qualify as “news” for a guild then what else have my guild mates been doing that hasn’t been considered news worthy enough!

Digging, digging, building and farming!

My manually operated automatic wheat farm in Banhammerville works a treat. I’ followed the tutorial I posted the other day to make the farm part at least. I had an odd happening with crops not growing in certain points. After a little research it seemed to be an issue with using mossy stone blocks as the frame work for the Green house over my fields. I removed all the mossy stone and all grows well now.

Was subjected to a wicked ambush from a creeper today. I had a little elevated base next to my green house, I find elevated bases subject to less attacks, well so I thought. I walked out of this little base turned the corner next to my green house when there was a Hsssss BANG! hole in the ground and part of my green house is missing lol Damn you creepers!!! Smile

I’ve been reading. . .  .

Age of Darkness – a collection of short stories set during the Horus Heresy series. The series has been pretty epic since the start, except the first Dark Angels book *shudder* On the last story now so next up is Soul Hunter by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. The novel is based around the Night Lords chaos Space marine legion not sure what to expect here but so far Dembski-Bowden books have been great.


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