Gangster Repping!

I took a look into Banhammer’s Reputation list after noticing I was still carrying 15 Colifang armaments in his bags. I quick trip to WoWhead suggests that I should head into Steam Vaults and run it in Heroic mode for rep and armaments. A quick trip to the Dark Portal (not been here in a while) and a few minutes later I was in Zangermarsh. Ahh back in Steam Vaults, like old times right lets go to the killing!

20 minutes later I was 4k rep better off and 23 Colifang armaments to the good, I think I’ll now run it in normal mode again and see what happens. . . . .* 16mins later* 3k Rep and a few more Colifang armaments again, hmmm I wonder what Slavepens will give me. w00t same again. I’ll now go hand in the rep items for. . hang on I am 3 bars off getting exalted woo that means I went from 10k rep with Cenarion Expedition to about 19.5k rep with 2 heroic runs and 2 normal runs. Well worth the hour spent running these places.

Blizzard recently including in a patch Guild tabards that give extra Guild rep per quest hand in (50%/100%) so Banhammer has finally managed to get exalted with the guild he is the GM of. Still nothing that we can buy from the guild vendor, sadly. 😦 It would seem to be able to buy any of the guild items we, as a guild need to complete some pretty monumental tasks, well we do number 4 players and only 2 of us are relatively active. Oh well at least we have long term goals πŸ™‚

On the Achievement side Banhammer has got quite a few recently, one I was proud of which netted me 25 exalted reputation w00t then to my surprise it also got the guild an achievement of 25 guild reps too πŸ™‚

Sorry for the sort post but I have been kinda busy and slack (week off you see)


One Response to “Gangster Repping!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Man, I remember Steam Vaults. (Cool place, liked it way better than Shadow Labs and the torture of Shattered Halls.) I ran that heroic daily for like a month and still never got that dang rocket boot extreme recipe. Then I steam roll it for a bud and get it right away XD At least the gun from that mech boss was really cool looking.

    Know the feeling about small guilds. I’m in an AWOL one that I had no one log into it for 5 months haha Got the guild like ten achievements via pvp though, killing humans and dwarfs and all that. Thinking about staying long enough to buy the tabard (as it is still only lvl 1) and hopping into another with tabard in hand to speed up the rep process in the next. Xp gear for alts would be nice ^_^

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