New Cows for old!

A friend asked for help to form a raid so he can run Moltencore solo the only issue was that I had no characters on his server. So I pondered what to roll and chose to roll a Tauren Paladin. What a surprise I hear you say but this story has another ending and I guess a begging too. But first some background as to why.

Many years ago when the world was new (to us but old to the people of Azeroth) an acquaintance was playing as a Priest and was bemoaning that it was hard to solo. So I rolled a Priest of the same race, same faction but male, naturally Smile

A few weeks later and I am a level 60 Priest heading in the wilds of Outlands to find out how hard it is to Solo. It turns out not very hard at all but it would seem being a woman and having this pointed out to her just meant it was wrong regardless. lol. Oh well I guess you can’t be right all the time.

*fade back to now* On remembering this little story I was once again inspired to roll a Priest, but not just any Priest but a Tauren one! yay tails! Mooooooooooooooooo. So say hello to “Gingercow


Ok not very inspirational name and in hind sight he is not very ginger either, a trip to the Barber shop is in order. So far he is only level 12 with no heirlooms it’s a little slow levelling at the moment. So far I am finding the spells a little under powered (for soloing anyway) but I just started getting some greens that is begging to up his stats nicely. At level 14 when I can access instances I will take him healing, lets see how that goes Smile

Playstation Network is working again…..kinda

PSN has been up and running again for a few day now, I finally got a chance to get on and couldn’t play Black Ops online! *shock* he he. Well I thought Black Ops is down I’ll play Battlefield Bad Company 2 sadly the same result hmm what is wrong now the Website says PSN in up (Green Light on the website) Black Ops says the Servers are fully working. Hmm I wonder what’s wrong. A few minutes of digging around the interwebz later I find out that that the PSN logging servers have been taken down for maintenance in preparation to re-launching the Playstation Store. Well that explains things at least.

Fallout 3

I’ve been playing it quite a bit recently, I will admit that the game is a slow starter but does pick up a little reasonably quickly so if you do play it just preserver and keep going. I went to all the effort of rescuing my father who then goes and kills himself with radiation! bah parents huh Smile

Minecraft 1.6 is Soon ™

When Minecraft hits us we shall get some nice tweaks, for me the highlights are the Creatable Maps, Hatches and tall grass. Full details here can be found here I wonder if the Hatches are water proof and useable via redstone would make my small automatic farm more “automatic” as pouring the water in the hole is not really automatic lol.

Modern Warfare 3 Trailer *drool*

I watched this and all I have to say is GIEF me now! Clicky link for video HERE looks like it’s going to be another Epic journey for us gamers when that comes out. It also looks like the end of the year is going to be expensive as Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 and Medal of Honour 2 all being slotted for release around that time, I can’t wait.


2 Responses to “New Cows for old!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    PSN got hacked again, I heard. Didn’t look it up much, as that is starting to get painful XD

    Fallout 3 is great! Killing ghouls and looting piles of caps! I like how you can loot random items off like pilot lights from stoves, just wish there were more recipies. But then again Minecraft might have spoiled me on crafting 😀

    Minecraft is like tomorrow or the next day, depending on if it is delayed. The trapdoor/hatch didn’t allow water in, unless he has since changed it, but at least the gravel-dropping component will be much easier as you said like a week ago! Again I say, great catch! Maybe when the piston is added, you could just use that to push the water up?

  2. Aye sadly the trap door didn’t allow the water to run, should have imho.

    Oh well bring on the pistons! 😀

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