Why I hate Steam!

Now I can understand the need for game studios to protect their code/ip using various systems of protection and I can certainly see the benefits of having a central hub to help manage all your games (from the gamer and publishers point of view) but what I cannot under stand and the one reason why I barely play any games on the PC these days (apart from World of Warcraft and Minecraft) is because Steam takes away my freedoms.

I’m not some hippy thinking that I am fighting the good fight against the “man” by saying this but I am have been and still am a gamer who likes to play his games when I want to. What I mean is this when Battlefield 2 came out you have to make an “account”, this account allowed the game to keep track of your stats, medals and equipment unlocks. While that was fun it also meant that when EA took the login servers offline for maintenance no one and I mean NO ONE could play online, even on unranked private servers unless they was LAN or VPN. I felt this unforgivable but luckily login server downtime didn’t happen very often.

“What has that got to do with Steam?” I hear you ask well I’ll tell you. I installed Steam onto my PC when I bought Half Life 2, I didn’t want to but to play the game I had to, I had NO choice. Each time now I want to play a game  Steam has to launch, has to be there in the background sucking up resources and today I have another reason why I fucking hate Steam!

Which brings me too….

Fallout New Vegas son (the Magpie that he is) has been watching some guy on Youtube who reviews mods fro Fallout3/New Vegas, the guy in question has mild Tourette’s syndrome and an almost constant need to call the any women in the game a “Bitch” so I don’t like him but what he shows is quite interesting. After seeing a few of these videos my son has decided he now wants Fallout:New Vegas on the PC despite already owning it on the PS3 so he to can play the mods.

So we head off to the local town centre and find that Game are selling it for £19.99 we buy it and head home. Little did I know the game had to be install through Steam and that is when the issues started! The game just won’t launch, I’ve been up and down through various forums all to no avail, about ready to give up on it and take the game back!

I done all the forums have suggested short of going to a 3rd party website Fall out nexus to down load the patches they have made. While I think the files would be ok why the smeg are a third party fan base making patches to fix a game when Bethseda softworks are still making DLC for it. So many people with the same problem in the forums and only one Bethseda comment is to delete the .ini files and re-verify files steam. Not how to do this or even where to find the .ini files to delete them.  For me this is another nail in the coffin of PC gaming, developers have reached further than gamers could afford to pay for the hardware to keep up and now they are in bed with the Steam shaped Devil that is determined to poke us with his pitchfork!

Ok you can argue that Xbox and Playstation are in the same boat, they have their own stores, you get adverts from them, a place to buy DLC the difference is that I am not not forced to interact with PSN/Xbox to play my games it does not lurk in the background consuming system resources Steam could learn a thing or too from consoles.


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