The wicked witch is dead!

And thus the Munchkins did sing, Dorothy’s house had landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, the Wicked Witch of the West tries to roll need on the Ruby Slippers but the Good Witch of the North had set Master Looter on and gave them to Dorothy. As you would imagine the Wicked Witch of the West complained claiming that “Dorothy and the Good Witch was in the same guild and they had ninjared the loot!” She said she was going to ticket the GM’s who live in Emerald city before she quit the raid!

What is this got to do with anything I hear you ask, well in short The Cynical Brit or Total Biscuit as he sometimes goes by /ragequit World of Warcraft the other day over the incoming nerfs in 4.2 with regards to normal raids. When you consider he claims to only raid once a week one has to wonder why he took exception to the changes nothing Blizzard have not done in the past with raids as new raids are released.

Well in short I don’t care, hopefully now people will stop treating his drivel like gospel and actually learn to think for themselves and not repeat his opinion as their own.  I did not like his webcasts or his videos, I did try listening to his productions but I found his attitude and his constant need to undermine everything with derision tiresome thus I switched off.

4.2 Soon ™

Bring on Patch 4.2 and the nerfs, I most likely still won’t raid even with the nerfs but as long as the game and company I keep still make the game enjoyable I’m golden. I’m especially looking forwards to the new Firelands quest chains and the dailies. From what I have seen the dailies provide a currency which can be turned in to buy gear this for me personally will be great for my characters dailies I can do raiding for gear I don’t have the time for.


3 Responses to “The wicked witch is dead!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    He was far too simon cowell-esque for my liking. In fact that was how he pretty much got started on the wowradio, and methinks he kept the MO alive tooz long.

    I checked out the vid where he said he was quitting and, he does make valid points. I could argue that the game has been very easy since Wrath and it’s odd he did not quit then, but eh. It IS funny to see all the people saying they will quit because of him though. What are they going to do now? Really? Wait for him to say what he’s going to play like Oprah’s book club or something? XD Even if they hop on Rift they won’t like it, and they’ll just go back to WoW in a month anyway.

  2. Valid points or not when you consider he claimed he only raided one day a week he would either have to be very lucky to have been geared up from raiding (very generous guild I guess) or he was the “weakest link” in the guild only his presence tolerated due to his “celebrity” . Either way his dramatic storm out was unwarranted and I felt played right into his ego/character as once again the forums generated a thread talking about him and his comments on the game as if it was fact and not opinion.

    I always find it funny when people either in forums or in game call Cataclysm “Shit” or “Burning crusade was better than this Cata rubbish” yet here they are several weeks later still paying the subs, still paying the game.

    The last person who said that I said in /2 ———-> Rift that way goodbye! and I added them to my friends list added a note and 1 month later they are still playing lol

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Yep, that’s the funny thing. They either talk a loud game and do nothing, or actually quit for awhile but realize all the other games are just spinoffs. If you can only afford one a month, they’d rather get the orginal, no matter how casual-friendly it has gotten lol

      It’s not uncommon for me to quit wow for three months or more at a time. Been doing that since just before Wrath came out and generally it comes down to the devs making bad design decisions or lack of new content. If it isn’t fun, I just don’t pay and they certainly don’t let me play for free so that’s that 😀

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