Why queue?

After the last few days I am beginning to wonder way people even queue up in the LFD system if they are not prepared to do the instance. The whole point of using the LFD tool is that the result is random based on what dungeons are available to you level range. The key word here is RANDOM, while not so bad as a player levels as there are far more instances in the range. Once you get to level 85 however there is only three. So when you finally get an instance to hear the tank say “not this place again!” and then quit seems a little odd to me!

While there is a time penalty for quitting that seems to be a double edged sword especially when your in a group with a DK tank and a Druid Healer and the healer allows the DK to die twice in two packs. The first time was because he was (and I quote here) “in Feral spec!” the second time there was no reason the tank died, the healer left group followed by the tank and as I was next in line on the aggro tree I ran and left group too. While I was the 3rd to quit I knew I was going to get a 10 minute penalty but I didn’t die. lol. Another reason why I wonder why people queue up for random instances if your not prepared to fill the chosen roll. It takes a rare mind to queue up as Tank/dps or Healer/dps and expect to get a dps roll.


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