Encourage 0 Confidence 1

A week or so ago I queue up for a random heroic using Warcraft LFD tool. I managed to acidentally sign up for a Zandalari Heroic and got Zul’Aman I had joined a 4 man guild run from another server and it all went swimmingly, we did wipe once or twice but that was collectively put down to “shit happens” and we moved on and completed the instance.

Today I tried queuing for a random heroic and got Stonecore, I have completed this place in Heroic mode before so I knew what to expect. I didn’t expect today on the 1st pack because I took aggro from the tank,oh well nothing ventured nothing gained. Take the res and move on, the next pull I thought I try and watch the tank more closely to make sure I take his target. He was switching targets so often no wonder I took aggro. So we get to the first boss, the tank piles in I wait 5 seconds and follow, judgement, crusader strike, pop wings and. . . my screen is telling me I have aggro from the tank! eep!

I drop back and stop dpsing, wait for the threat to drop below 80% and carry on hitting just as the underground phase hits. Time to clear up the adds and any crystals left over. As I run towards some adds the worm boss route takes him under my feet and in the same direction I was going and before I could change direction I was flung and killed along with the warlock :S Now I get that the RNG can be a bitch and also standing in the fire/green crap/swirling death cloud is bad and if I stood in it and died I would have no issues in pointing out that was my own damn fault! but this time I couldn’t do anything about it.

Well the fight ended and I was told by the tank “amazing how you morons got killed in that fight!” which I felt rather unforgiving and not very encouraging so I logged and have not been back for a few hours.

This incident made me think if I can get in a group of people and collectively complete Zul’Aman with a few wipes, a laugh and a joke and all round smiles and above all encouragement why is entering a “Normal” Heroic instance filled with people who have a need to put you down and dent a person confidence?


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