The End is coming! *yawn*

That is if you read the EU forums, day after day someone seems to feel the need to post rubbish like this. The purpose of these posts remain to a mystery to me all they are doing is QQing about the games current state. Try as I might I just can’t get my head around what they hope to achieve by repeated posts all on the same lines. These post do not go any where, they do not say anything ground breaking, epoch making or even insightful. If anyone can figure out why these threads exist let me know in a hurry please!

Xbox Live Gold for £2 w00t!

I turned on the Xbox this weekend, I was looking to play a few hours of Fallout 3 when I noticed that Xbox Live was offering 2 months Xbox Live Gold access for £2 so I snapped up the chance (must remember to phone them to cancel it as we are not allowed to do so via Account management!”). I banged in my copy of CODBLOPS (as the cool kids are calling it these days) to find it a double XP weekend. Having not played online for a few months the first thing I noticed was that there is sooooo much more camping than before, quite shocking.

My bullets don’t work!!!

CODBLOPS has an online mode that I really like the idea of but it seems lack the skill to win at. That game mode is “Gun Game”. The game is 6 people “all against all” each kill gets you the next weapon in line and once you get to the 20th weapon, the Ballistic Knife, then get a kill with that weapon you win (and win the bulk of the CoD Bucks) getting knifed you suffer “humiliation” and drop back a weapon grrrrr. The reason I mention all this is that I have come across a problem which I cannot seem to solve and that is my bullets don’t seem to work. Ok they “work” but not in the way I have been lead to believe they do. The first weapon you get in Gun Game is the Python (a six shot pistol) and it for me it don’t work! Confused smile I shoot the other players, get the little X that says I’ve hit but they refuse to die and allow me to progress to the next weapon. This happens so often it’s no longer funny I do not get the same problem in Team Deathmatch mode so I am at a loss as to what the issue is. Needless to say I am getting majorly frustrated in Gun Game.

Drastic Plastic!

I did mean to mention this the other weekend but I was playing games (World of Warcraft mainly) but Games Workshop have launched a new range of resin models called “Citadel Finecast” range. They are costly but when you consider the quality of the casting and the cost of a metal miniature I think it all squares up nicely. Here is a good example of the Finecast version of Commissar Yarrick and for the Warhammer Fantasy Battle fans a Empire Captain. They are in essence exact copies of the original “greens” with all the option included to on a spure (if there was any ofc). From the GW staffer I was talking to the reason why they cost a little more than the original metal editions is that the process to make them is a little more complex and time consuming. If the Finecast range proves very popular (and I think it will) the cost will decrease or at least not rise as much as metal miniatures have over the last few years.


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