Karma, it’s watching!

I took Saintangus out for a spin today, queued for a random dungeon (didn’t feel like trying heroic mode just now) and ended up in Grim Batol. A few mob packs in an Elementium Lockbox drops, everyone rolls greed (only manners right) except the Rogue in the group who rolls need! His excuse “I always roll need!” he also opened it up right away this taking the gold and the green item for himself. I did voice my annoyance but quickly moved on with the instance and carried on. We get to the 3rd boss Drahga Shadowburner and he drops the Windwalker blade dagger (seems to always do that) anr Rogue and the hunter in the party both roll need, the rogue begins to complain that the Hunter has ninjared the weapon. Karma is seems is always watching and this was a little bit of natural justice. After we killed Erudax the loot wasn’t for any of the party so we all rolled greed (including the rogue) and before I rolled I said in /p chat “You got your lock box and the hunter got the dagger! Karma is a bitch isn’t it!” I then rolled greed for both items and left the group!

Battlefield 3

So E3 is over and one of the best news to come out from that has been the announcement of the release date of Battlefield 3 which is October the 23rd with Modern Warfare 3 following in November

Wet you whistles with a new video at the Battlefield Website HERE.



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