Pennyless PvP’ers! The Horror!

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Warcraft forums recently and have had my say in a few of them, but this one clicky caught my attention and I weighed in (nicely) with my 2 silver on the subject. For those that just want the shortened version it goes something like this.

“I only play pvp and do not have any gold! I think we player who focus on pvp solely should be given gold along side on Honour/Conquest points that way I can afford to repair, reforge, enchant and re-gem my arms and armour!” 

The counter reply goes a little like this :- “Go do dailies, LFD instances or just grind mobs between BGs/RBGs/Arenas!” The is met with the reply of “I don’t wanna do dailies, I don’t like pve it’s boooooring!” and “Why should I be forced to do something I don’t like (pve) as I only want to focus on pvp it’s not fair!”

Now don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t give a flying Goblins left testicle (assuming Goblins have testicles) in Blizzard rewarded people who only play pvp with gold for doing so, I don’t agree with it mind you but I wouldn’t care one jot! My reasons for disagreeing with a system of rewarding pvp only play is that there is already many, MANY ways already in game to make great sums of money and by saying “I don’t wanna do pve!” is just a symptom of epic laziness and giving gold to these people for just playing pvp is rewarding that laziness!

It takes around an hour to complete the Firelands dailies, that nets you a nice chunk of gold, or maybe spend an hour in Tol Barad that’ll net you around 125g for an hours work, but no, the rallying cry (and I mean cry) is that “I don’t wanna, you can’t make me, gief free stuff!” Over all I thought the whole thread was fun to read and participate in that was until some Paladin started in with the /rage and not long after /grammerpolice and spoiled the whole ambiance of the thread.

So some guy got banned?

In other World of Warcraft news some guy called Swifty who it seems is quite famous got banned for crashing a WoW server in the US, it would seem that while he was not actually the one getting people to crash the server (it apparently was a guild “mate”, some mate.) but as he was the organiser of the “event” that lead to the server crash. In my opinion he then bares the responsibility for the issue he manufactured. So Blizzard banned him, permanently although he has since been reinstated but what punishment I do not know!

I found this video from a guy called “WoWHobbs” who learned the lesson that Swifty has just learned but for him he wised up before he was banned.

WoWHobbs on Swifty’s ban.


What are you doing in October?

Well what I will be doing is waiting with baited breath to buy Battlefield 3 on my Xbox 360, this game really does look the “shizzle” as the hip kids say. So I have the 28th October marked in my calendar, although I am unsure if I should pre-order or see what offers the local Game store will present (if any). One thing is clear I am not purchasing any pre-order “exclusive” offers that are being offered that contain “exclusive” content. While I would love exclusive content when I buy a game, I am morally opposed to this sort of deal. Most of the time the exclusivity of the content is time limited so we will all get it eventually, the rest of the time the content either provides a unfair advantage in multiplayer of is worthless as it is just the same as something else in game but just a new skin or model. Beside, I normally cannot afford the extra money on buying the exclusive content version so you can factor in some jealousness : D


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