Blackmailed, bullied but unbowed!

Well that was an interesting night in the LFD queues if I ever had one! I decided that I would play as Orcamedies my Orc Hunter. He’s been slowly levelling to 85 for a few months and he has not left Orgimmar for a few months and was getting a little fat and lazy!

So, with his faithful gorilla “Thadius” Orcamedies began pwning the noobs *cough* I mean skinable mobs in Mount Hyjal. Being an Orc of great adventure (inside an inn at least) this become boring and he began to crave greater adventures and so Orcamedies found himself inside of The Stonecore with 4 other adventure seekers!

Group 1 The Stonecore

Two of his fellow dungeoneers, a Retribution Paladin and a Restoration Shaman was from the same guild, anyway we burn down the mobs quite fast, giving Millhouse Manastorm a good kicking as we went. So we arrive at the first boss Corborus the fight was Epic (Orcamedies was overheard telling fellow patrons of the Orgrimmar inn later!) and dropped the item “Key to the Endless Chamber”. Now I am a far better Paladin than I am a Hunter and while this trinket is Melee friendly it is really for Hunters, Rogues and Druids so imagine my surprise when the Ret Paladin rolls need to on the trinket. I’m not one to cry “ninja” each time I do not get a piece of loot because I know I’ll be back sometime soon and can try again to get it.

What happened next was mildly shocking and quite funny, I wish I had the presence of mind to screen shot the conversation. I /w the paladin and said that while I wouldn’t mind if he had won the trinket it’s far from ideal for a Retribution paladin. When his guild mate (the Resto shaman spoke in party chat the conversation went like this.

Shaman: “Orca, I am not healing you from now on!”
Me: ”Oh really why is that?”
Shaman: ”You know why!”
Me: ”Erm no I don’t that is why I am asking.”
Shaman: ”Nvm just kidding”

Me: ”Is this about the trinket? If your guild mate wants it that bad he can have the thing, it’s no good for a Retribution Paladin anyway I have 3 of them and I wouldn’t use it on any of them!” The rest of the instance went with out a hitch, Oh and I got my heals! : D

Group 2 The Lost City of Tol Vir

Lucky for me I didn’t have to wait for this group to get weird on my it started on the first pack. Apparently as the Hunter in the group I should have interrupted a spell cast from a mob? Erm ok, have never been asked to before but if you want something done isn’t normal (and not to mention good manners) to ask ? So being called a idiot because I didn’t know the Warrior tank wanted the spell interrupted was a little harsh. I tried to point this out and said “If you want something done ask for it and don’t be a prick about it!” but this just seem to enthuse him to send more grief my way so I put him on ignore and did the rest of the instance in silence. My pet was even blamed for attacking a CC’d mob, which is odd considering the new “Assist” pet stance only attacks targets I am shooting at, that would mean I was shooting at the CC’s mob and not /assist on the current tanks target. Once at fault always at fault I guess, even if the original blame is erroneous.

Group 3 The Stonecore: Part 2

This was an odd one and also didn’t effect me directly so after the last 2 groups I kept quite and just did my spell rotation and put out the deeps I needed. Corborus fell with not  a hint of the crazy lurking below the surface of the Druid tank mind, soon it would surface.

The tank was geared, very well geared he was wearing quite a few raid items and was in fact topping the DPS chart (He insisted on linking often) As we all headed down to fight Slabhide the tank pulled before all of us was inside the area and the Warlock got locked out of the fight. After Slabhide was downed the tank began linking the DPS meters again and this is when the “crazy” boiled over. He started ragging on the Warlock for not doing enough DPS and even went as far as to say “If you don’t improve you’ll be kicked!” Bare in mind this is “Normal mode” and not heroic High DPS is good but it isn’t everything.Even when the Warlock explained “You locked me out of the fight!” was met with the reply “Still you should still do better DPS!” WTF! Oh well at least the crazy was not aimed at me this time! phew!

Tonight more of the same? I hope not but regardless I think I may give Orcamedies a night off and leave him in one of Orgrimmar’s inn. Saint Angus is behind on his dailies any way, well I am going to post this and head off to Firelands.


5 Responses to “Blackmailed, bullied but unbowed!”

  1. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    Haha, crazy peeps. If it wasn’t the best way to level/gear up, I’d never even queue because of rampant stuff like you experienced. DPS meters, gear score; all a bunch of pissing contests for the egomaniacal.

    Plus, don’t MM hunters have the only real interrupt? Did they just assume you were spec’d that way?

  2. I am specced MM and I could have interruoted it if I’d have known he specifically wanted it interrupted. I’ve tanked the place loads of time with both Banhammer and Saintangus and while I admit that the Avengers shield has a silence I’ve never had trouble gathering up the first pack even when AS has missed. (Bugger just missed a HC queue replying to this lol) I’ve Also never heard anyone ask a hunter (or any other class with a CS/interrupt) be asked to do it either. The guy was from a server that in the EU has a bit of a reputation for being a Pro-PvP server and even in PvE they think highly of themselves. I was going to type in reply to him “I am trying to see things from your point of view, but with you head up your arse I doubt there is room for mine too!”

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Nice ^_^ If he had enough time to see you were MM, he had enough time to request you silence it when that spell came around. Or trap it, or whatever. He had time, and expected you to change your gameplay because of it. I mean, if you feel like helping, go ahead. But for him to require you to do it without warning is bs.

      Also, my fellow fan of FPS, I am happy to proclaim APB: Reloaded is up and runnin’! It has changed quite a bit in some aspects and I still have the old version in my head, so I’m getting used to it. My pc still runs it like crap, but I still had fun Ram Raiding shops and selling the goods, and it saved my customized character! So yay for that.

      Since I probably lost you in that, it’s a fun cops vs robbers shooter with nearly endless customization options. It’s also f2p, and the download didn’t take me too long. Give it a look-see!

  3. I saw a BFF report on APB ages (via tankspot) and I watched the new one he did recently to. I am tempted to have a look at some stage. He makes it sound quite fun but it seems like there is a lot of people out there that want to make life a misery (kinda the reason why I won’t play on a PvP server lol)

    • Encrazed Crafts Says:

      Most of it is limited to Enforcers against Criminals. The annoying bits occur when it is team-based conflict. I got lucky yesterday and had a really good group that I did matches with for awhile. I got a few kills even with the nasty lag on my aging rig, but at least I unlocked some cool items and was able to help the team out a little bit.

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