It’s all your fault! you casual player you!!!!

Well once again I find my self (well my play style at least) at the forefront of why World of Warcraft now sucks! Am I a hacker? Nope, Do I spend my days finding way to expolit game glitches to gain an advantage in PvP? Nope not me. So what is my great heinous crime that I am committing to destroy World of Warcraft as we know it? That’s right I am a “casual player” one of those people who does not play for hours on end (any more), who does not raid (I used to back in the dizzle of Molten Core) and who has the audacity (it seems) to pay the same subscription fee as every one else and expect to be treated better than nothing but a cash cow to fund Raid and pvp development!

For those that do not know a “Casual player” is someone who logins in to World of Warcraft, completes a few quests, does some dailies, maybe a dungeon or two or even dabbles in a little pvp before login out happy that they have spoke to a few friends, had some fun and earned a few more points/gold towards some goal they have set themselves. Does not sound like a very evil person does it? Well read the official forums sometimes and you’d would have thought the casual players have dedicated their lives to destroying the Hardcore players world!

Over the last few week there has been a few posts in different forums that have caught my eye which are pertinent to the subject at hand. One from the official forum once again consisted of thinly veiled bash at casua by raising the invalid point of “Welfare Epics”. The perception of welfare epics is that players get them for doing nothing (thus welfare) the fact that you have to complete heroic dungeons to eventually earn the points to buy these epics seems to skip them by. Prompting the OP to called heroics “nothing special” and “getting VP for doing “next to nothing”

Typical opinion of someone who has developed a sense of inflated ego after getting an epic of two from a raid! What made the post stand out was when asked “what threat are these people who earn these epics to you?” the reply “no threat I just think it’s annoying that these people get something for nothing” and “Epics should be for raiders only!”. Now I’ve played World of Warcraft since the start and back in those days when someone was wearing parts/all of the tier raid sets you noticed, even during The Burning Crusade you could see that people was wearing raid sets. These days with some many people playing so many things to do, capital cities so crowded NO ONE NOTICES!

I think that is the crux of the issue, these people want to be special, they want to stand out,  they want to sit on some flashy mount and have “noobs” stare and drool at them and that does not simply happen these days. I think this then sends them a little emo and the end result is a forum post asking Blizzard to deny epics to casuals.

The second post that caught my attention was on, under the comments section under the latest episode of Legendary they discussed Blizzard’s choice to put Valour Points back into Tier 11 raids after recently removing them. This lead to a tankspotter to comment and say the reason that Blizzard have done this is to “cater for the casual” WTF ? if your raiding you are competing for Tier 12 raid gear, VP will buy Tier 11 what’s the problem?. All these people have forgotten one very important thing, No reward, no reason to play! Blizzard learnt this lesson the hard way with PvP back during Original World of Warcraft. Blizzard made some changes to the pvp system the net result was that if you won a BG you got Honour if you lost you got nothing. The end result was that NO ONE went in to BG’s that their faction lost regularly. On my server WSG and AB was Horde dominated and AV was Alliance, so Horde only queued for WSG & AB and the Alliance only queued for AV queue times went up and no one did BG’s until Blizzard hot fixed it so that you at least got token honour for losing.

So in conclusion.

Gamers are an odd breed we all like to get upgrades and game currency for winning and we also want something for losing! You don’t get rewarded in a real life when you sports team loses but in general their is a long term goal in real life sport e.g. winning the league but in computer games you want the rewards quicker or we get bored and will move off to so something else. So if by rewarding casual players with “welfare epics” or reward VP from T11 raid they do it for a reason and that reason is to drip feed people rewards to keep them playing. If we don’t play, we don’t pay, if we don’t pay then there is less funds being put into the game, less funds mean less development or and increase in monthly subs. So I pretty sure that it’s better to give the casual something for playing than to drive them from the game just to keep a minority in game happy!


5 Responses to “It’s all your fault! you casual player you!!!!”

  1. I completely agree. With a game that has a playerbase the size that WoW has, you can’t afford to cater to the minority. Besides, it’s not as though Blizzard isn’t trying to keep them in mind by adding heroic mode, and heroic mode only bosses.

    People will complain no matter what Blizzard does unfortunately… but what they’re doing right now is working for me because… dun dun DUUUUN I’m a casual. Well, maybe not as casual as some because I actually spend way too much time playing (darn you alts! *shakesfist*), and I lead a 10man casual raiding guild with my boyfriend, but I still consider myself a “casual”.

    Anyways, point is, well, it doesn’t really matter whether there are “welfare epix” or not (which I don’t believe they are, because as you said, we do have to put time into getting them), people will always find something to complain about, especially when they get to hide behind their computer screens while doing it.

    ♥ Kate

  2. Indeed Blizzard have to try and find a balance that appeals to all go to far one way or the other results in un-subscribing. To many of the threads started these days consist on people who can’t thing past their own wants. PvP’rs who do not want to do dailies to earn gold for repairs, gemming and enchants, PvE’rs who think no one else deserves armour except them “because I raid and that makes me better!” to people who say “I don’t get free stuff gief more free stuff!”

    • Yup, it’s one hell of a balancing act, and I don’t envy them one bit. But for me, I’m content. I have a lot of stuff going on irl that as long as I can do my troll heroics to get the majority of my valor, do my Firelands dailies on my 4 toons (darn you stupid alts), raid with my guild on weekends, and pug raids for my alts, I’m good. Heck, even if I can’t get that done on everything, as long as I can complete all of that on my main without problems, then WoW is working just fine for me. I don’t need all of that “hardcore” stuff (although heroic gear is kinda sexy, don’t you think? lol), but I know I’m probably not in the “majority” here lol

      ♥ Kate

  3. Only 4 pfft! I have 6 x lvl 85, 1 x lvl 84, 1 x lvl 83, 1 x lvl 70 and 1 x lvl 43 Oh and no life it seems lol

  4. Oh don’t even get me started!! LOL I have 4 @ 85, 1 @ 82, 1 @ 75, 1 @ 71, 1 @ 70, 1 @ 26, and 1 @ 22. And I’m supposed to be starting 17 credits worth of classes next month. Awesome. 😛

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