I don’t need lag or virgins!

Gah since Friday 22nd a good portion of the UK players of World of Warcraft have suffered greatly at the hands of that most evil monster that is lag. Booo! Hisss! GTFO lag!!!!
As normal people have been reporting the issue (again) in the forums and it took about a day to cap out the thread (considering the amount of non-informative posts that are in the thread as well it is no wonder). It would seem that the problem may be something to do with Virgin Media (My ISP), combined with Telia (A Swedish ISP who handle a lot of traffic to Blizzard’s WoW servers) and Blizzard themselves have left a lot of us getting “World” lag. A lot of the time I am getting between 1500ms – 3000ms which leave me with instant cast spells which, well quite frankly aren’t.
Normally the Firelands dailies that I have access to are a little crowded and end up being a little laggy any way so taking this current bout of lag hell in mind I decided to go for the Tol Barad dailies. As the Horde at that time was in ownership of the main island I decided to start there, out of the corner of my eye I spy Problim, so I grab the daily to defeat him and charge of into the fray. Now normally I can beat Problim in Retribution spec, pop wings, pop guardian and go mental on him. This time how ever before I could even get wing to pop (I was clicking the button I swear) I was down to 30k hit points (around 110k with paladin buff’s) panic sets in, I bubble and run (oh the shame). Ok plan B switch to Protection equip my tanking gear, pop Seal of Insight, BoM and back in I go, Judgement, Crusader strike, Holy wrath, Crusader strike, click shield of Righteousness, click Shield of Righteousness, CLICK THE FRIGGING SPELL!!!!! aaggghhhh!
Ok then plan C I’ll just stand here and melee him with crusader strike (a little lag there but it still cast), dodge the log smash (sometimes lag again means I still got hit) *yawn* lucky for me at that time an Orc Hunter came along and finished him off with me. Baring this in mind I thought I don’t want to get stuck inside the jails farming the daemons with this lag So I picked the Crocodile skin quest next. It’s never taking soooo long, Hearth, logout and go it’s go read a book time!

So to the book.

After watching HBO’sGame of Thrones” on Sky Atlantic, the one calm island in the see of shit that is British TV right now, I decided to pick up and read George R R Martin’s book for myself. The potential for spoliers (with regards to the second series) is a danger I shall choose (or not to) brave when the time comes. In the book I am fast approaching the end of the TV series and unless from now on there is some serious padding (Last Harry Potter book anyone?) I think I’ll end up making a dent into series two. Just wondering if I should just save it for the TV series, then read on when it is finished!
While I didn’t get the impression from the TV show the book makes it quite clearly that a lot of the main characters are under the age of 16, while I have no objections to their age as there has been plenty of “kids becoming the hero” (Harry Potter anyone lol) Martin’s seems to cut thing close to the bone with some of the more sexual aspects of medieval times. Not that I am prudish but I think it was a excellent choice to exclude this from the TV series by making the characters older or at least “legal” in ou modern times if you catch my drift?.

Anyway that aside the book is a really good read, the TV series was very loyal to the story with out being slavish to the words and obviously trimmed as TV series will never be as verbose as books are (which is why I love to read them after or even before I watched)

In other news. . . . .

I bought Bethesda’s game Brink the other day, an entertaining game if somewhat flawed in execution (pretty much like Fallout 3 really) think Team Fortress 2 but with a solo campaign while earning XP to level up and customise your character. But more of that next time.

Today’s blog was brought to you by the following songs:-

Rammstein – Du Hast
Franz Ferdinand – Take me out
MGMT – Time to pretend


3 Responses to “I don’t need lag or virgins!”

  1. I am so glad I am not having lag problems like you! I don’t know what I’d do with myself… Okay, that’s a lie. I do know what I’d do. I’d be in the kitchen making a peach pie for my dad, or trying out a bunch of other recipes I have been wanting to try 😛

    The only lag I’ve been having is random lag spikes that make absolutely no sense because I have Verizon FiOS… I shouldn’t be lagging at all! But thankfully it doesn’t happen very often.

    As far as Game of Thrones is concerned, I haven’t watched it yet, but my sister and brother-in-law highly recommend it, so I’ll probably try to watch it online before the next season starts up.

    ♥ Kate

  2. Encrazed Crafts Says:

    I was hoping Brink would have been more flawless, but a lot of reviewers dogged em hard. Hope they get whatever kinks out of the system so it goes back on track to rockin’ the house! I was hoping for more bang and less fizzle 😦 The devs made some great games in the past, even the demo of Quake Wars was a fun time to have, so I thought this would have been more of a sure thing. Time will tell. Oh, and I think Bethesda was only the publisher, not the actual driving force behind it.

    While I get the taboo nature of shacking up under age, back then I don’t think there ever really was an “under age”. I mean, didn’t Edgar Allen Poe marry his like 12 year old cousin or something? So 12 was consent at least back then, and that was more modern than the setting in Thrones. Back in the king and queen age, turning 20 was kinda rare. So if they didn’t shack up before then, no one would be walking around today :/

    • @Encrazed Crafts: I knew Bethesda was the publisher for Brink and it was a little laziness on my part to not list “Splash Damage” as the developer, but I am a firm believer that a publisher bares as much responsibility for a games quality as the dev’s do. I mean it’s Bethesda’s name listed first in the credits (on the box and in game) so they should have made sure it wasn’t as broken as it was.
      As for the under age thing, in the past our English royalty has not been above a little under age marriage/sex/beheading over the years 🙂 my real concern was that Martin seemed to be a little to keen on the idea for my liking!

      @Geekkate: I do nearly all of my family’s cooking (microwaving counts right?) I make a mean but not very authentic Enchilada, I loooooooooove Enchiladas. I am also campaigning to get chicken and bacon reclassified as vegetable so I can become a vegetarian soon.
      The lags was worse last night, it got to 7000ms(world) and my Forsaken Mage was still casting “Molten Armour” after 25 seconds so I logged out. Will log in in a few to see if it is better.
      As for Game of Thrones, I do recommend it, worth the watch and my Good lady says we are getting the dvd box set when it comes out. 🙂

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